Hey Heavenly Winker!  

rm_toohotque 50M
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4/24/2005 5:24 am
Hey Heavenly Winker!

The Little Red Dodge Dakota '01 was sitting there next to the other smaller-size used trucks. With only 38,000 miles at the same price as the Ranger and B4000 4WD's with 2x and 3x mileage, she was crying for me to take her home. So I did! WOW! What a pet!

Now B-nerd is not so far,, so if you want to move in with me for a weekend I'll come and take you for a ride in the 'pet' seat.

I'm also newly equipped with a better camera, a tripod and a hat. With the pet truck and the hat on I hope to get a new photograph of me standing soon...

Do I love my truck more than my Golden Retriever? (So far it looks like he loves it too.) Just kidding,, of course I do,, but I still love my Laddy too. This is getting complicated but the feeling I get for the truck is nice... it really is love.

I find its easier to get out in the morning. U Buns can often find my pet truck waiting at the health club while I am working out for a couple hours.


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