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rm_toohotque 50M
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5/2/2005 2:36 pm
Get Q-Rated ...


If you care to post a picture of your pussy I'll Q-rate it on a scale of 1-10 for what I find good-enough-to lick. Be warned, not all are appealing for savory mouth-watering, delight. But some definately are!

5-15 Solicited HL Babe ratings:

hotgirl4u2fuck -Initiated [3] mixed signals where oral gets rough, but with nothing to lose management is highly capable of a tactical maneuver, to fulfill its need for rougher play. Risking a tight closeup would see a positive trend.

Solicited rankings indicate mutual interest, all are currently positive in the broader 90-day summer outlook.

5-15 Unsolicited HL Babe ratings:

HauteBabe4U69a -Initiated[9] testing a brite new WaXX shine and AGAIN seeking a valuation with 4U69a in the leading WaXX sector. Par excellence, but we could see risk in association with over-valued Gold and Silver commodities.

lesbians4you -Initiated[ [9] professional quality in a performing bluechip commodity.

wethornywomh -Initiated[ [8] going out on a limb here, but I see shades of Alley Bagget and strong cravings. Mature and ripened potential for a strong steady flow with growth in returns should see a tight reversal and new leg up.

jenna69tfsb -Initiated[ [8] small findings is kinky prelude to a panic of fine pleasure. Strong licking should breakout to several tongue insertions and advertising in a 60-minute episode of "69."

welove2005469Ua -Initiated [7] The funline could see some downside in risk/return. What a ride its been so far for the 4U69a models!

AllWaXXed -Initiated[ [8] very positive expectations in the surely WaXXed product line.

tastypussy77 -Initiated[ [7] very positive expectations,, [i}perhaps the next photo?

pushthelimifh -Initiated[ [6] positive expectations.

juicywetmuff -Initiated[ [6] increasing demand.

katiecoop21 -Initiated [5] analyst is waiting to see it.

ShyYetWildOnei -Initiated [4] definately undervalued, expecting a new Asian outlook after a Onei currency settlement that stabilizes a mightier Yen. The Yang is in very excellent shape with strong yearnings.

1nottygrl -Initiated [3] no rumors.

Unsolicited rankings indicate an interest, all are currently positive in the broader 90-day summer outlook that finesses a wetter cast.


rm_toohotque 50M
179 posts
5/14/2005 11:19 pm

[HauteBabe4U69a] is a perfectly appetizing number chock full of equistitely ripened features. I fid it absolutely mouth-watering giving it a 9.8 ( reserving a couple notches for the highly improbable number that excedes what this entre' presents.

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