Engineering a solution...  

rm_toohotque 50M
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8/30/2005 9:23 am
Engineering a solution...

for locking the keys in the truck. Yes, it fianally happened. I slipped them into my pocket as I was sliding off the seat. The ring or something caught and the key fell out onto the seat as I locked the door. Until now I have always held the key in my hand as I closed the door. (This could be the best solution.)

My mother says putting a spare in a container somewhere mounted where accessible is the solution. I have put it off thinking it needs to be mounted permanently, and I dislike putting a key where it can be found by a thief.

I layed in the truck bed yesterday in the WMT parking lot, turning my legs to catch a tan. I felt like a dog, waiting there for an hour getting a headache. A headache seems to be part of every screwed-up situation. These weird things that happen have never been fatal, just very inconvenient.

Eventually I fear these photographs could become inconvenient too.

We have some more sunshine coming next week for tanning. I made it nude at a secluded beach awhile until a boat came accross the lake to fish directly in front of me. I rolled onto my 'tummy' and worked on my buns awhile, the boat about 200 yards away. (They were having problems determining my sex.) After awhile clouds became too dominant, so I got dressed and left. The boat left while I was dressing. (I guess I fooled them for awhile.) Hey!

I offered myself, erotic and erect to glassers for awhile, scanning the quiet shoreline for activity. (Been kissing my ass good-bye for awhile now.) Join me for a test of the senses, and a sandy, sunny late-morning tease.


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