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5/13/2005 5:55 pm
Denegration a cloaking word for the destruction of Biblical cities. (What better word could I use that derates a confused society?)

< One of my favorite examples of censorship.

I don't read it,, as I found it quite insane as a child. Once in an eternity out of curiousity, I will pick it up and flip to a page.

Of late, relevance to the many mentioned destroyed cities comes to mind as eerie. In my past I found myself condemming Usania for hypocrisy. Now I pass judgement, linking the numerous destroyed cities and wonder about the core of government that is so severe with working poor (not to mention other faults.)
Last week we received news that the State's subsidized healthcare will now rule singles as ineligible, based on marital status (and disabilities.) How lovely. The previous week I had reasoned that the poor paid the same share as the wealthy for a new sports stadium (when the franchise and league should foot financing alone. Let them work out a league slush fund to help make an occassional staduim payment on behalf of the legal entity of the league.) ... &&

That socializing has requisites of a degree, many subscription services and a job is amusing considering the fact that opinions are really meaningless when voting for the confidence of your employer.

Oh well, its rainy and cold. Work begins with improvements in the weather. Next week will see some domestic money flow back into the market if ^SOX is up convincingly. I hold to get back a losing position that hurts "donut?"

I do it and watch to see how I would be better served by waiting for more opportunistic timing. I picked a stock reporting earnings and waited to see the market tumble (in distribution) when the numbers came out. Then ninety minutes later a plane flew near the Whitehouse and another tumble ensued. This set the tone for trading, and seeking the hard-deck below was obviously the only instinctive recourse (wish I knew the ground rules.) The earnings surprise was 33% positive and it was also the first time the company was reporting positive earnings. Still it tumbled 15% to the level of a previous base made a few weeks ago. Today's was the fourth consecutive day of RED bars, and a fifth is unlikely. Healthcare took a hit as well, possibly setting up sector opportunities for next week.

Now,, if the foreign money stays out until another increase in oil above a threshold,, the foreigners can see the strength of domestic positions gained up to that point. I need to ponder the opportunity and make observations to assess the strategy that would call for waiting until the next oil price threshold before taking new positions, (which WOULD then be shorts.) The cause-effect logic is right, a high threshold would tumble positions held by domestic investors. I ponder what other cards are held in the hand that weilds control?


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