Blah SAT... (newpix!)  

rm_toohotque 50M
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8/27/2005 11:36 am
Blah SAT... (newpix!)

Recently I invented a keener vision of the future. It integrates a solution for higher oil that will precipitate a personal transportation crisis in America (the result of higher prices.) Eventually the U.S. government will be forced to take an honest position to instill confidence in a long-term and SUSTAINABLE vision. California is making thumbs-up progress with legislation to implement 1 million roof-top solar arrays to augment grid power. [This is HACKER paradise for opportunity. Electric cars! Hey.]

With legs shaven, my feminine thighs are getting looks from women and men at WMT. We currently have quite a mix of people living in our culture, so being a GUYL seems to be accepted at the "What's Next?" level. [Someday they WILL take me away. 'Til then I'm into relaxation therapy, investments and building a cabin.]

Covert is my Bondlike Q-opinion flash in investment boards with my added takes on government energy policy and economics. Also, this toohotque thing is an avenue that can be explained by psychologists and other analysts as a signal of ineptitude.

Oh well, w/o a spell checker that is what I get for my spelling. In 5th grade I was the school champ.

The pictures are a challenge to clear.

Girls,, you can put your hands on my new thighs and I will listen to everything you say with them, while we talk. (Just push me up against the produce sometime, ... I want your hands on my thighs. I don't much care how you do it. They are girl's property for pleasure and amusement. I certainly will not mind an encounter.)


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