Argh!!,, Country  

rm_toohotque 50M
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7/8/2005 8:11 pm
Argh!!,, Country

Its hot again. Its been another week of torment with stress and relief. I went for a shower and whirlpool, picked up a few things at the store and stopped for a sandwich at the bar.

They had this new guy working there and it seemed like the nice girl either quit or was fired. She used to play some nice music that I found relaxing. Tonight they played country with the baseball game on. Compared to having her there and the other music, it truly sucked. It sucked so much that I asked,"Is there a night when you don't play Country?" I said,"I have to live it. I sure don't want to have to listen to it too."

Getting two contractors who want to screw with me, and all the crap that people would do if they could... we make deals and then they say, "Well I decided I didn't want to put the power onto the lot."

Young people think that saying you'll be doing something is just bullshit. Unless there is a written contract your word doesn't mean anything so their's doesn't have to mean anything either. What a flimsy, fake American society of nobodies that is based on money, not promises.

Young people listen to Country music like its so great and full of character. Its about the pain and bullshit in living with assholes. Its not pretty at all. It sucks. They're so pathetic and stupid.

I'll get out of here someday and go live where nobody plays "Country Music."


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