America's Oil...  

rm_toohotque 50M
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5/10/2005 1:59 pm
America's Oil...

Price of oil is being determined in the stock market using US currency. Word is probably getting around that oil would be $100 a barrel in a truly free market... or something like that anyway. This is the kind of thing that is worrying investors. The Venezuela situation is downplayed to buy time for decisions. Meanwhile pressure builds about Iran and Korea on intelligence that has in the past been proven to be (what is word?) um, "un-reliable?"

The nations will pull back defensively in an energy crisis.

The cartels could insist on setting up a new way of setting the price, ... they may say THEY will set the price each month and sell to whomever pays for it. Whether its China, US, or UK does not matter but they will set the price for their oil. Its not America's oil. This logic is building, and dangerously.

Along a tempered view of the future I consider the possibility that the US might begin augmenting its supply of gasoline with fuel made from coal. Over the long-term it would be a band-aid, precipitating a twist in the energy market that would lead to rising costs (double) for electricity coinciding with high (2x) prices for gasoline.

High 20% unemployment in UK, Canada, Japan and US would support expansion of a niche for alternative energy solutions.

Timeframe is next ten years when high efficiency will drive market demands for things such as a low-cost refrigeration unit suitable for off-grid use.

After Sunday brunch I have nothing planned this weekend.


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