Americ'a Zoil Spoil  

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5/12/2005 10:02 am
Americ'a Zoil Spoil

"2 market controlling ploys come to mind...

First one to contribute to lower oil prices,, a last ditch effort is to take the stock market down in effort to suggest that higher oil prices are unjustified. This ploy was reserved by the feeble-minded American geniuses whough planned the of Mid-East oil resources.

Another ploy is from the opposite side. Oil money managers (assuming they exist) would take the stock market down when oil surpluses are announced. Their money is enough 'mystery cash' needed to float (or sink) the optimism in American investors. While it sits on the sidelines, Wallstreet managers scratch their heads and worry about how much more can come out of the market. Oil output then gets decreased until orders are made, and when oil flows the money begins to flow back into the stock market. Everyone is happy for a little longer and like a cocaine fix, weakened week-end America pays by actually relinquishing greater control (for the next round of the squeeze-play.)

China has similar arrangement coming with (labor) prosperity that can give them control over a segment of America should they want it for bargaining.

It would take allot of money, and something like Oil to weild the threatening hand that participates when it is "happy." (Sadam used to wave his hand.) He was in the business of selling oil on the "Black Market" (to France &&.)

Everyone needs to be a winner, but America is slipping into a compromised position that takes a generation or two to change.

Ultimately trade wars are emminent and America will not be as strong as before such intense demand for oil. I fear war is inevitable. China is like a sleeping giant with decency to help if America is humble enough to ask. Its out of character for her of late.

That the target of 9-11 was financial prowess is debatable. Its publicly a coincidence that the attack killed people who worked skillfully in prominent financial services. Specifics of ties with their work to offshore trading are forever lost.

Today I think someone is assessing how much control they have gained over America with their currency and their Oil.

Someday the next round of terror begins with displays of control over an America that is a paying hostage needing an occassional economic fix. Driving the fast cash-guzzling vehicles, Amerixa has chosen to relinquish control over her economy at an accelerated pace, possibly out-there beyond expectations of Shiekland money managers.

What gets me is this:

Without Sadam playing in this "game of deception" to set the BLack Market price there is no reference, and the free-market price can float higher. And to believe that America took out Sadam without having the sense to realize the service he was providing, by undercutting the price of free-market oil.


Thanks for giving your life for a few more barrels of Free-Market capacity soldier.

Who gets hurt each time Detroit decides to market another forty models that get about 15 MPG? In case its still not evident today,, the future remains to be seen. Tommorrow's children will be trying to figure out how they can buy (or trade) back what this generation has transfered away, listening to the Beatles and Elvis and watching movies. I doubt that those who are in control will be as foolish as were our parents who themselves were allowed to manifest only visions of the educated and corporate elite. Its quite a system they assembled to put corporate idealism into law. I don't think they understood the eventual consequences of burning all that gasoline and fuel. Savvy foreign investors have taken control of America, leveraging oil to get advantage in free-market trading positions.

I hope you don't actually believe we're going to go over there now and kick their ass to get the oil. My father who is retired military reserve, reads the latest quips about terrorism that will wipeout the electric grid. He waits for the next BUY signal from a market guru. He is as insane as Sadam. He doesn't realize that his Free-Market is now under foreign control using American brokerages to make trades with domestic-labeled money. With that kind of an arrangement, who would resort to wiping out the electric grid, cutting off the flow of money?

Terror is simply a focal action to divert minds from glimmers of the truth. With patent rights and corporate ownership at stake, their huge cache of cash will always be controlling more and more of Amerixa.

Each time the American market tumbles against American sentiment, their power is demonstrated like the bombs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki were demonstrations. When it is finally decided that American money is worthless, the bombs will tumble the market.

They control US. Its not the other way around as perpetrated by the educated elite, status quo. We are like meaningless, entertaining puppets who have the sole purpose of paying them."

If you are wondering what this activity is preluding,, I think it is a agreement for China that is part diplomatic/part financial. The control is being weilded in Chinese favor to instate its currency with a much stronger position in the world market someday soon. With the demonstrations accomplished, negotiations can begin.

Obviously I cannot be allowed to write my explanations and observations for the status-quo, though I could submit a few ideas to the "Paranoid Reader."


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