who made our so called laws  

rm_toocleva 40F
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6/21/2006 7:59 am
who made our so called laws

disgusting our justice system takes poor fragile children, that been victoms to sexual assalt, makes them relive torture, do video statements of what happened, watch video statement they made tell them they can nominate 1 person 2 accompany them whilst in court then fail to inform the accompaning adult until settled in about to start that they can not accompany the child as they are a witness , even though this question was asked by the adult prior to the day, so child is left with judge and a monitor, then after all of the agony and appointments and continuous repeatition of her dreadful experience a date was set 4 the accused trial, but before the trial date the child is informed that he wont be going to trial as her statement was all over the place (wouldnt have anything to do with being alone or a child but now would it) and thats it so child thinks noone believes her the dirty dog walks and the poor child left shattered, why make them relive it 4 nothing, an innocent child means nothing and deserves to be abused thats the message the law states, especially when a mere drug addict will be sent to jail if caught with drugs, when drugs is self abuse they choosing to take them so should be there prob if hurts em , but no self abuse is considered more serious than assaulting a defenseless innocent depentant child, laws yeah

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