Short story written by a friend  

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Short story written by a friend

This story was not written by myself but a female friend, this is why it is written from the female perspective rather than the male.

It's a really warm day in March and the sun is shining brightly through the window of the bedroom and warms the floor beneath it . I am cleaning the glass and my hands are slick with soap. I'm wearing tight jeans and one of his old T-shirts kind of loose and soft. He walks into the room leans against the door with his arms crossed across his chest, he smiles and says " missed a spot". I sprits him with the water and stroke his face with my soapy fingers. I love to tease him like this because hedoesn't like the feeling. A soft growl comes to his lips and he rubs it off furiously. I laugh and return to the windows. I hear his tongue click with disgust as he leaves, "tsk." Soon I hear the sound of the can opener running and drawers banging in in the kitchen. "Oh good golly! I already have a mountain of house chores to get through what in the world is he doing?" I think. I hear his soft footfalls padding down the hallway and the clink of ice. (What did he do. Oh my poor kitchen. I can just picture the mess.) I look up to see him enter the room with a tray piled high with sandwichs, a pitcher of lemonade and two frosted glasses. I can see that he is thinking of my welfare because he knows that I need to eat at regular hours and when I get going at cleaning I forget. I realize that I was feeling a little hungry and I smile my gratitude He asks if I shouldn't be eating and insists that I join him. We move to the sunspot on the floor get comfortable and enjoy our impromptu picnic. In a few minutes I ask him if he were finished because I want to get the dishes to the kitchen.. "No" he sighs "I am more hungry than before."as he hands me his plate. I take the dishes to the kitchen and return to the room amazment on my face. The kitchen is *spotless* and the few dishes I had to do were drying on the counter. "You cleaned' I say completely stunned. He smiles and reachs for me. "I'm still hungry" he whispers and kisses me gently, caressing my back as he does so. He take me in his arms and kisses me deeply and I melt.. I kiss his eyes and stroke his chest, he moans softly and asks if I could use a break. "Hum yes" I respond. There is soft music playing on the radio and we sway in a soft rythmn I sigh contentedly and move in closer. He gulps and tightens his arm around me. I can feel the erratic beating of his heart. I look into his face and see the shine of his eyes. I smile and cuddle him. The distant look shifts and he gazes deep into my eyes. "Please baby" his voice is hoarse and his breathing shallow, "please dearest, please please" he begs. "Still hungry my boy." I purr smiling innocently. He moans and presses his lips hard against mine "need you ask" he pants. I laugh and move away. He catches my arm turns my body and pulls me hard against him. I can feel his arousal.. We begin kissing each other more deeply, our tongues slide together and we taste the sweetness. We move our hands over each other's bodies, feeling through the clothes. My hand finds his male breast and his tit is very hard already. I take one between my fingers and gently squeeze. I then take it into my mouth to suck, the fabric of his shirt soft between my lips, my teeth nipping him lightly. My other hand is slowly moving down his body and I find his waistband my fingers feel his heat rising and I see the bulge in his pants. I smile and bend to nuzzle him. . I pop open his button, take his zipper in my teeth and pull it down with care so as not to hurt him. He moans and takes my head into his hands. My hair spills over them. He sighs and leans back exposing himself to me. I take him into my mouth and lick the sweet slickness off slowly sucking him into full erection. His eyes plead "Oh baby! Baby stop torturing me like this please, pleeeese help me I hurt." I smile, circle him with my hand and squeeeeeze gently finding the spot where glory comes. I stroke him, his body jerks and he groans deep in his throat. I mount him to ride the stallion and he slides so easily into me. I use his shoulders to keep my balance as he begins to buck and rise thrusting deeper into me. I suck his tits and lick his belly.

He growls and begs me "do it to me good baby." I begin to rock with him and our passion builds until he grab my hips and slams himself into me, holding me tight and jerking , jerking, jerking. He is panting his pain in his eyes but the rhythm is strong. He feels so close to coming he grunts and pushes me down onto the floor. His strokes are harder as he pushes deep into me and I scream. He suckles my breasts, my tits are so hard. I am on fire for him. He withdraws saying he can't come. Ahhh the pain. I take his hand and lead him to romance. The bed is king size, dark wood and curtained. I have placed thick fluffy pillows and quilts on it. . We move to it and climb in. I lean forward to open his shirt one button at a time. I take his hand and place it over my heart "feel it beating" I sigh. His fingers slip inside my shirt to feel my naked skin so warm to the touch I gasp and push my breast toward him. It is swelling into his hand. I slip my pants down my body and my shirt is hanging from my shoulders. We kneel before each other caressing with our eyes what our hands will soon possess. We reach for each other kissing deeply and with passion Our hands explore every inch of our bodies. My hands are on his back. He is kissing my hair, lips, eyes and he removes my shirt to suckle my breasts. It takes all my control to keep from screaming and throwing him down onto the bed. Our mouths are hungry for each other. He kisses my chest above my breasts (such a sensitive area) I moan and begin to kiss his belly my tongue sliding into his navel. His penis is hard and throbbing. I kiss it gently on the tip. He groans deeply "Please baby, suck the little squire just a bit" I smile and take him into my mouth pulling softly My hands are on his hips as my tongue licks his cock all over. I want him inside me. I begin to cry and beg "Please darling, please." "One more minute baby" he pants as he begins to rock. I can sense that he is about to explode. I want his cum in my pussy. He won't let me go so I nip, just a little. That makes him release me. He wants to plunge his cock deep into me. One swift hard thrust and we are connected our eyes locked so we can see our soul's desire. Our bodies begin to move in the rhythm known to man for millennia. Our passion builds. He calls me "dearest, my love, my soul's desire." "My heart" I answer. I am holding him tightly as we move faster and together. My moans, sighs, groans and sobs mingling with his own. Deeper, harder and faster he pushes. Our need compelling us to climb the mountain of love together so we may soar to the stars. His voice is a catalyst to me. "Oh god" he moans, "Soooo good baby, mmmmmm" rolling in his throat. "Feelin good baby?" I ask, gasping for air, my breasts swaying with each thrust, my hands clutching his butt. Yes, is the only word that escapes his lips. He is panting, his breath entering his body in quick gasps. I can see the ecstacy on his face. That moves me to stroke his back and purr like a happy kitten. He groans and presses his hands against my shoulders, his fingers curling over them and his nails digging into my flesh. I cry out in surprise since he has never done this before. His voice is a hoarse whisper getting louder with each word. "I'm comin baby! oh pleeese baby!! baby!!! Baby I can't stop. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" he howls as his climax comes and he collapses against my body crushing my breasts. He smiles weakly, puts his ear to my heart and watches me as I stroke his body, smiling as we slip into sleep. Later I am in the shower and he joins me. I try to ignore him but he knows better as my nipples harden at his touch. He begin to purr as a big cat would and he strokes my shoulders kissing the bruises he put there caressing away the soreness. He takes my hands from my hair, lathers it for me and rubs it clean. I lean back and allow him to massage my temples and I sigh at the pleasure of his touch. I begin to caress my body, my breasts and belly down my legs to the knees and back. He watches me and marvels at the pleasure I get from the simple act of fondling myself. Satisfaction is on my face and I can feel his hard body against my back. His voice is in my ear as he whispers "Please yourself baby. I want to see you slide your fingers inside." He stands behind me, fondles my breasts and watches over my shoulder as two of my fingers disappear

into my pussy. I turn my head to his chest my cheek pressing his nipple. I gasp and collapse. His arm supports me as I rub and probe. I am building to climax and he is slowly rising to the occasion. "I want to watch you come baby" he sighs. He braces himself against the shower wall holds me in his arms tenderly and encourages me "bring yourself baby." My fingers stroke my clit and go inside where they are sucked by my vagina. I begin to shake as my climax comes wave after wave of spasms. I call out. He turns my body to him and kisses me deeply. He take the towel, dries me off and covers my hair with it. I can see that he is in need. He takes my hand and leads me to the centre of the room where he has piled quilts and thick pillows on the floor. "Now. I will help you again my lover" I purr and kneel behind him as he sits on the quilt his penis in his hand. I remove his hand and replace it with my own stroking him gently from base to tip kissing his back as I do so. My fingers can feel his pulse as he throbs against them. My lips move to his neck and I leave a small "passion bruise" on his collarbone. I press my hand along his shoulder as I use his body to help me rise. I come to stand before him. I am struck by the magnitude of his erection. I gasp and moan. "I don't think I can take you inside me" He is in pain, it is written on his face. He pants "Help me baby please help me, it hurts, it hurts so bad" I fall to my knees and begin to suckle him, sliding my tongue around and down. Sobbing he begs me "help me to cum" I put my arms around him and take him in hand to guide him to my "gateway to paradise" I straddle him. My legs spread wider and my hips are arched as he finds the spot and plunges inside. One quick hard thrust, a shiver of pain and we are one. My eyes go wide as I experience the fullness of the male organ. Breathing is difficult for me as it comes in a long ssssssssssssssssssssssss through my nose filling my lungs. He is kneeling, my feet are on his calves. My arms around his shoulders. My mouth is drinking from his tit, so sweet a sensation. His arms are around my back as he supports me and I am awed at his strength. I pull on his nipple and he moans. He begins to buck as he thrusts into me deeper and deeper. He slowly lowers me to the floor until he is above me and his hands are on my shoulders holding me. Our eyes lock and I can see the passion deep inside his soul. He bends to suckle my breast and he moans "I can't come baby, I'm so close I want to and I can't come." I start to call on him to "fuck me, fuck me hard, please baby" I reach my tongue to his ear and tickle it. He gasps and plunges deeper inside me. My walls tighten around him, he groans and I begin to rock in the ancient rhythm. I tell him to "let go of the reins and let his stallion run" His groans of pleasure are a catalyst to my spasm and I climb the mountain with him. His strokes are increasing as he goes in and pulls out. Down, in, pause, and pull back. Faster and faster until I can't take it any longer. I scream Ahhhhhh so loudly it echoes. He then knows that he has brought me to climax. He lets go of his control then and fills me with his cum, so much that it overflows. He pulls out of me panting. He begins to lick it off my puss as my juices and his are blended. I return the favour and I lick it from his belly as he lays there trembling, satisfied and smiling

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8/23/2006 12:39 pm

Just gets better, are you sure a "friend" wrote it though, because its very similer in the style of writing to your own, and makes me think you chose to write it from the female perspective?

Nothing wrong with that if you did, and fair play.

Will keep an eye for any more installments


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