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10/24/2005 6:07 pm

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A bit about myself

What can I say about myself; well I am a health, nearly 40 year old man
who would describe himself as being of average appearance. I am 6ft
tall, and of medium build but could afford to loose a couple of kg’s. I
have a Degree in Education and am currently working part time which
affords me to have days of when need.

I am in a relationship but am looking for a bit of fun on
the sided, no strings attached. While I like sex with my partner, she is
a straight heterosexual; I find that it is not enjoyable. This is the
same with other women I have been with.

I have been toying around with my bi-sexuality for some time now (most
of by adult life) and have had a couple of forays with transsexuals over
the past ten years. I often fantasies about TS/TG/TV at least twice or
more a day, what I have realized is that I am bi-sexual and enjoy making love
to TS/TG/TV, it my kinky thing.

I love everything about them. I love the way they look and I love the
way they know what a man wants. Their kissing is sensual; I love the
feel and the taste of their lips. I love the touch of their skin against
mine and the feel and taste of their penis, particularly when I am
giving them oral sex (I only have done it twice, but I must admit I
particularly enjoy sucking cock) and I love it when they give me oral
sex, particularly in a 69. I love it when I slide my cock between their
cheeks and screw their tight ass and I love it even more when they give
my ass a good screwing over as well.

I do enjoy most things about sex and am looking for new things to try
out so "Alternative" activities may not be out of the

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