damn it.  

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2/16/2006 12:50 am

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damn it.

So there I was balls deep in a homeless guy...

but not really. Anyhoo, seeing as this is my first blog, I figured I get the intros out of the way: I'm Tom, and I like to weld and work metal. I also like to smoke and drink and get weird in public. I have a tendency to lose clothing, and I really like women. Older women are great and usually have much better conversations than younger ones. Healthy women are fantastic (I'm a bit skinny though) cause they are squeezably soft and fun to cuddle with.
Note: if I get long winded just stop reading
Another Note: I don't take anything seriously, we all die sooner or later so why worry about crap?
I'll cut it short. If you want to really learn about me, see my (its the devil I know!) myspace page at \tomthewelder.
I also like sex. I have sex as much as possible, and do make house calls. I like just about anyone if they're naked in bed with me and I love being dominated from time to time. I have a home-made collar just for that purpose BTW.
Goodnight then.

P.S. The pic is after my friend Dixie Carved me up with her fabulous fingernails... I made her scream louder though.

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2/16/2006 3:47 am

Welcome to Blogville,

Purry {=}


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