family sex  

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7/27/2005 2:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

family sex

hi everyone me again.

what do people think of keeping sex in the family,the inlaws family that is.
i ask this question because when i was married my sister inlaw was a stunner,even though a bit older than the ex she was completly different and drop dead gorgeous.we got on very well perhaps a bit to the question is should i have tried to take it further because to be truthfull i was terrified.terrified of wuold she tell my ex what i was after and allso of if she said ok.
now for the dream.
now that i am not married to her sister i dream that one day i will get the courage to try and get her in to bed as it would be a very exciting experience knowing that i have been with both sister, what a turn on, who knows maybe a twosome in the making.
well time to rest my aching head and do some more dreaming and maybe end up with an aching wrist instead lol

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