Dream of the Romantic. Chapter 1  

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Dream of the Romantic. Chapter 1

Dream of the Romantic

Chapter 1.

He woke up and didn’t want to open his eyes. That fantastic dream just keeps lingering in his mind and he really wanted it to stay. He kept his eyes shut tight in a hope that he will go back to sleep and continue dreaming. He rolled to another side and felt warmth. The feeling was really nice. It was sensual and for some reason reminded him of a dream he just had.

He opened his eyes. The bedroom was half lit from a rising sun breaking through closed blinds, leaving straight horizontal shadows on the wall. Usually neatly folded and stocked on the ironing board, his clothes were scattered across the floor. He looked at them and realized that there are some feminine things on the floor mixed with his clothes. He smiled to himself, realizing that the beautiful dream he'd woke from wasn't a dream after all.

She was in the bed next to him still asleep. He looked at her and thought to himself that she was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. She lay on her stomach hugging a pillow lightly. Her beautifully golden tanned back called to his fingers. He ached to trace the butterfly tattoo that was peeking over the bedspread.

He just couldn’t help it. Slowly he moved his hand over her gorgeous back tracing the tan lines that outlined her frame. She rustled into the waking world with a sleepy smile on her gorgeous face. And then he heard the most beautiful words he’d heard in a long time: “Good morning, Sweetie”.

He smiled back at her: “Good morning”. He wanted to add how beautiful she was and that he felt like a luckiest person on Earth. That no matter what happens he will always cherish this moment. That he would rip his heart out of his chest if she ever asked him for it. But by the time he organized his thoughts in his head the moment was lost. And besides he would never say anything like that. He is a shy type with a heart of the romantic who always had problems expressing himself. He had looked for an antidote for his shyness all his life and never was able to find it. He got better over the years. He can talk to a girl now, but still could not initiate conversation with a stranger. Women were far and between in his life and his girlfriends usually found him, instead of the other way around.

In the distance, chimes of the local church sound, indicating it is 8 o’clock. “Oh, it is too early” she smiled again and turned to another side cuddling herself into his chest. She rested her head on his right hand pressing her buttocks against his naked body. He hugged her tightly and he found a perfect spot for his left hand on her firm breast. The feeling was fantastic and he couldn’t help but enjoy it.

She immediately went back to sleep, leaving him alone with his thoughts. They were flying inside his mind creating a mix of emotions that he hadn’t experienced before. He wanted to smile, laugh, and cry at the same time. He felt like he would fly if it wasn’t for him hugging her. Adrenaline was flowing freely in his veins creating high that no drugs would ever do.

His phone rang in another room demanding his attention. He slowly freed up his hands trying to not to wake her, got out of bed, picked up his jeans of the floor and walked to another room. He closed his bedroom door behind him so she would not be disturbed by any noise again. He pulled his jeans up and walked towards the phone.

He looked at caller ID and it was his mom. He didn’t want to talk to her, but he knew that she will keep calling until he answers. She had an uncanny ability to know exactly when he is around his phone and it would be futile trying to hide from this conversation. He picked up the receiver.

“Hi mom”

“Hi Peter. Did I wake you? I am sorry if I did, but Sarah asked me to give you a call that she will have cook out today. Garry and his family will come too and you should come…”

She kept talking totally unconcern that he wasn't listening. He didn’t like those cookouts. It would be another boring day where men eventually get around the TV to watch some football and talking about things that do not interest him at all. And women would get around the table gossiping about someone. Eventually uncle Garry would get drunk and start screaming at TV and his wife will try to calm him down. And his sister would try to hook him up with another “nice girl” from her work. He really didn’t want to go. Besides he was looking forward spending today with Kate.

“So, you need to pick up some soda on the way.” Finally she finished her monologue.

“Mom, I will be working today. We are installing a new server at work and I can only do it when people are not there. Tell Sarah I am sorry.”

“Oh, honey. You are working way too much. They need to give you a raise. OK, I will tell Sarah that you can’t come. You don’t work too hard. You know it is bad for your back. OK, I need to go. My other line is ringing. Love you.” And the line went dead before he was able say anything.

He hung the phone up and went to the kitchen. He started his coffee maker. It made sound like locomotive starting its journey, and smell of brewing coffee filled his kitchen. He pulled a cigarette out of brand new Marlboro pack, lit it up and looked through the window. The new day was starting. He stared at the clouds and thought about all the things he screwed up in his life. He kept wondering how his 36 year old life would be different if he could turn back the clock.

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