Chapter 6  

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A week later Peter took Laura to see a doctor. They had to drive to the nearby town of Fayetteville since there were no OB / GYN in Hillsboro. Doctor Hyatt’s office was located in the north building of the Baptist Hospital. They took the elevator to the third floor, walked a long narrow corridor and entered office 315. There were two other women waiting for an appointment in the room. After about 30 minutes the nurse called Laura’s name. She guided her inside the office, closing the door behind her. Peter was left waiting in the waiting room. He picked up a Time magazine and started looking through it, but his mind kept wandering away from it. He’d already made peace with the idea that he was going to be a father, and now sitting alone he was questioning his future. Would he be a good father? Would he love his child with all of his heart? Would he be able to raise that child to be a good person? He kept saying “yes” to him self on all those questions, but in his heart he still had doubts.

Twenty minutes later the nurse called him inside and walked him into Dr. Hyatt’s office. It was a good-sized room with a pine wood desk in the middle and leather chair behind it, there were two smaller leather chairs in front of it. On the left of the entrance there was a bookshelf with tons of medical books. The wall across from the windows was occupied with different diplomas and certificates of Doctor Hyatt. Laura was sitting in the chair on the left and Peter took a seat in the chair on the right. Doctor Hyatt entered the room. He was a middle- aged man with metal frame glasses. He greeted Peter and sat in his chair behind the desk.

“Well, congratulations you are going to be parents.” Dr. Hyatt said; “I examined Laura and everything looks good. We did all of the necessary tests and everything came out great for now. We will have the blood test results in a couple of days, and I will call if there is a problem. So far, everything looks great.”

He said a couple more things, answered several questions Laura had, recommended vitamin regiment, and finished with congratulating them again. He shook their hands and said goodbye.

On the way home Laura kept talking about how good doctor Hyatt was, how they are going to remodel one of the bedrooms to make it baby room, what will they need to buy for baby and things like that. Peter was nodding to her, but he wasn’t really listening. He was still thinking about things he thought in the doctor’s office.

Two days later the doctor called them. There seemed to be a problem with Laura’s blood test and he wanted her to take another test to be sure, nothing to worry about yet. He just wanted to be sure. The next day they went to the same office as before and Laura had a different test, with some long name that Peter didn’t remember the meaning of. After the test was done, the doctor called them into his office.

“Laura has something we call auto-immune disease. By itself it is nothing really serious. Basically what happens is that the body produces different anti-bodies to combat foreign objects. Since the fetus is a foreign object, anti-bodies are produced in higher number. Under normal conditions it is not a problem, but in Laura’s case her body produces too many of them. It can cause blood clots and miscarriage. So what we are going to do is put Laura on a special medication that thins the blood, and have her come here more often for checkups. I also want you to watch what you are doing, and not do anything that requires physical strength. I don’t want you to worry too much, but I do want you to be careful.”

That was a shock to Laura and Peter, they were both visibly upset. Dr. Hyatt tried to assure them again that if they stick to the medications and eliminate physical activities for Laura they should be alright.

“Can it harm the baby?” Laura asked

“Not normally unless you have serious deterioration of the placenta. But we will monitor your pregnancy closely and if something happens we will be able to correct it.”

Laura asked some more questions and about 10 minutes later they left. They didn’t talk much on the way home. They both were in a bad mood, thinking their own thoughts. Knowing that Laura is a natural leader, Peter knew that it would be difficult for her to stay away from strenuous activities, especially with all the preparations for wedding. He knew that she would be running around planning her “perfect” wedding, while he will be at work. He also knew that she was not going to stop cleaning the house, and cooking dinner. He was concerned about her, and he had no idea how to make her understand that this is serious. The only solution he could think of was to call her parents, and see if they can apply enough pressure on her to slow her down a bit.

Their wedding was set for August the 5th, that gave them just over 2 months to get ready. As Peter expected, Laura didn’t slow down one bit. She kept running around doing errands and making wedding plans, wedding dress, caterers for the reception, cake, decorations, etc. She would drive to Cincinnati, then to Columbus, then back, putting over 200 miles a day on the road sometimes. Peter tried to reason with her, but she would brush him off with “You are right honey” just to do the same thing the next day.

She did stick to her medication regiment. She was taking pills everyday, but next time they visited the doctor he told them that her condition had not improved, and they still needed to be careful. But all those warnings did not register in Laura’s mind, and she kept going at full speed. She did slowly cut down on sex under the excuse that sex can cause a miscarriage. Peter didn’t protest much since he was happy to actually slow down a bit.

They decided not to have a honeymoon after the wedding, since it would be hard for them to enjoy it in Laura’s condition. Instead they would take a week off and spend it at home relaxing. Laura also wanted to use that time to prepare the baby’s room and do some shopping for the future.

The days were going by quickly. The wedding was beautiful. They had the church decorated with red and white flowers and it was filled with guests. Peter felt like the whole town came to celebrate it with them. Laura was wearing a beautiful long white dress and looked like she had just stepped off the picture of some wedding magazine. Peter wore a black tuxedo with white shirt and tie. The wedding went without a hitch and in half an hour they were married.

The reception went great too. Everyone really enjoyed themselves dancing, eating and chatting all around the hall. Ken did his speech with the help of a projector again, showing pictures of them from the time they were babies, to present day. His commentaries were outstanding and everyone laughed. At the end he surprised them with keys to a brand new car. That was a present from both her and his parents, as they’d split the cost of it. Laura and Peter kissed and hugged the parents and thanked them. When they came outside to look at the car it had “Just married” written on the rear window and the license plate read “PandL”.

Peter was happy and excited. When they came home and finally went to bed, they made passionate love. Laura went to sleep later, but Peter’s feelings were overwhelming him and he couldn’t sleep thinking about all of this day. He really thought that things will get better from this moment on. They were going to have a wonderful family and their child will get the best of everything. Great grandparents, best childcare, best education … everything only the best. They will buy a house somewhere near the town. Laura will take care of the house while he will be working to provide her with the lifestyle she deserves. They will travel around to show their kid that this world is not limited to Hillsboro. They will have a wonderful life. Peter finally fell a sleep with those thoughts and a smile on his face.

But life never is the way you plan it, two weeks later it threw a wrench into their plans. Peter was at work setting up a new file server, when he received the phone call from Laura’s parents that something happened and he needs to come home immediately. He hurried to his car and sped down the road to his house. When he arrived home he found paramedics in their driveway. Laura’s parents met him inside and told him that Laura had a miscarriage. She was trying to pull the carpet off of the hardwood floor in the future baby’s room when she felt pain and she noticed blood.. She got to the phone and called her parents, who called emergency. But it was too late. There is no way to stop a miscarriage when it happens.

Paramedics were strapping Laura to the transporter as he entered the room. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and said; “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean this to happen.”

“That’s OK, honey” said Peter and kissed her. “Everything will be alright”.

The paramedics took her to the same hospital in Fayetteville. Peter followed them in his own car with Laura’s parents driving behind him. When they arrived the paramedics took her into the emergency room. Laura’s parents and Peter were left in the waiting room. The doctor came out after about 30 minutes to talk to them.

“We did everything that was needed and Laura is resting now. There was no damage to her internal organs, so she will be able to have a child again as soon as she is healed. I notified Doctor Hyatt and he will be able to assist you further.” Said the doctor.

Peter felt guilty somehow. He knew that Laura was somewhat hard-headed, and she would do what she wanted to accomplish. She asked him to pull the carpet last night, but he was tired and really didn’t want to do it. He promised her he would get it done today, but she didn’t wait for him and tried to do it herself. It really wasn’t his fault, but he felt like it was.

The nurse walked them to her room. She was lying in the bed sleeping with an IV hooked up that was delivering medicine. He sat next to her in a chair and was thinking about his life. At this moment he wasn’t sure what would happen next. Will it create a problem in their relationship, and will she be strong enough mentally to want to try again? He really hoped so, but he wasn’t sure. Well, life still will go on.

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