Chapter 5  

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Life was changing for Peter. Laura practically moved in to Peter’s place. All her free time she was spending there. Increasingly he was finding things rearranged in his house. His living room furniture moved and his TV was in a different place now. Another day he came home to find curtains on his windows. Some feminine products now shared place with his deodorant in the bathroom cabinet. One night when they went to bed he found out new bedspread on his bed. And many other small things. It didn’t bother him. He liked that he didn’t have to think about all of this and could concentrate on his work and his romance.

They had sex often. Her sexual appetite was growing every day and slowly started to bother Peter. He liked sex, but after a two week long 4 hour sleeps he was so tired that he did something he never done before. One night he fall a sleep on the couch watching TV and she couldn’t wake him up to go to bed. His head rested on her leg and she just sat there patting his hear and not wanting to go to bed alone.

She also was learning sex faster then he. She soon discovered that there are other ways to have sex then just him being on top. She especially enjoyed being on top riding him. His penis would go all the way in and would touch her cervix. That was making her to achieve orgasm very quickly. He liked it too since she wouldn’t stop riding him and his orgasm would follow hers.

She told everyone about their engagement and people, who usually were strangers, would stop him on the streets and at work to congratulate. His boss, who didn’t mind him staying late before, told him to stop and go see “his woman” when he caught him at 6 o’clock one night. His parents were excited for him when he called and told them that they are going to have a daughter-in-law. Life was going great.

Her parents invited him for a dinner on Saturday May 6th for a big announcement. He came to their house at 7 o’clock, punctual as always. Laura already was inside helping her mom on the kitchen. Table in the dinning room was served for a special occasion with fine china. Bottle of sparkling wine was standing in the middle.

Everyone sat at the table. Ken opened a bottle and filled up glasses. Peter was nervous. He realized that they were waiting for him to do an announcement, but he was horrible public speaker. He froze still sitting in his chair and that created an awkward pause. That’s when Ken came to his rescue. He got up and said: “Laura told us about your proposal and we all are happy for both of you. We know you for a long time. We saw you grow up. We know that you are a good man with big heart and that you will be good for our daughter. Sammy and I would be honored to have son-in-law like you. Welcome to the family.”

With that they all raised their glasses and drank some wine. Peter finally found his voice. He said: “Thank you. Laura means a lot to me and I hope to give her life she deserves. I hope I won’t disappoint you.” They raised their glasses again cheering what he said.
The rest of the evening they spent chatting about different things, like Cousin Eddie’s latest car accident and how John Small got drunk and drove his tractor right through the farm house. After the dinner they sat in the living room and Ken picked up his guitar. He sang his songs and Peter was listening, while Sammy and Laura were chatting on the couch. It was another enjoyable evening for Peter and he was looking forward to many more evenings like that.

They didn’t plan date of their wedding. Laura was going back to college in the fall and they didn’t want to do anything until she will graduate. She had two more years to go. For now they simply enjoyed each other company and flowed with the way life was going. It all changed soon.

Three weeks later on Sunday May 28th Peter and Laura were sitting on the couch in their living room watching movie. When it finished Laura turned to him and kissed him. He hugged her and thinking that she wants to make love playfully looked at her. She smiled, but instead of getting up from the couch and heading to bedroom, she said: “I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” He asked.

“I am late.” She said continue smiling.

“Late for what?”

“Silly you. I am late for my monthly thingy.” She replied.

“And it means what?” He honestly didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“It means that we are going to have a baby. I am pregnant.”

That hit him like a brick wall. He didn’t expect that. He did not want to be a father yet. She wanted their situation to become more stable first. He wanted her to graduate from college and him to move in career ladder instead of being at the bottom. He wanted to be able to have some more fun in his life, go out and even travel a bit before locking himself with parental responsibilities. He really wasn’t ready for a child. He felt like he was getting cheated by his life.

“Are you sure?” he asked hopping that it is all just a joke and smile disappear from his face.

“Yes, Peter. I am. I did that pregnancy test this morning. Aren’t you happy?”

He wanted to say “Hell, no. I am not happy at all and I really don’t want to have a baby yet. What were you thinking? And what was I thinking? That is going to destroy everything we planned!” But instead he just put smile back on his face and said: “I am happy, sweetheart.” He hugged her, kissed her and she snuggled under his arm.

They were sitting like that for a while. He kept pity himself about what happened. He was thinking about how his life is going to change. That he would need to change his sport car for more practical vehicle. And that amateur radio station he was going to setup in one of the bedroom will have to wait. And get together with friends for couple beers will be more difficult to do. Yes, his life was about to change. But option of abortion wasn’t option for him at all. He would never allow her to do that. He was stuck in his situation with no way out.

When he finally realized that he started rationalizing this in his mind. He was going to have a family anyway so child would come into his life sooner or later. Well, it will happen sooner then later. They will adjust and still will be able to achieve what they want. Laura will still go to college, but instead of moving to Cincinnati she will have to drive there every day. It is only 50 miles away and they will manage it. Her parents are nice people and they would love to help them if they need a babysitter. They still will be able to take their trips once in a while. Looks like everything is not so bad. Life will go on. He thought all that and then something came into his mind. He moved so he can see Laura’s face and said:

“Honey. Don’t you think we need to get married before child is born?”

“Oh, yeah. You are right.” She answered. “I need to call mom and get it setup as soon as possible.”

She got up off the couch and went to get a phone. He heard her dialing a number and long conversation followed. She told Sammy about pregnancy and how happy she was about it. They talked about it for 10 minutes and then she told her about wedding plans. They talked some more about that and they agreed to meet next day and go talk to the preacher and see what day is available in church.

“The wedding machine is moving.” Smiled Peter to himself. He knew that Sammy and Ken will make everything happen and it will be a good wedding, maybe not a richest one, but pretty sure entertaining. They had it in their hands and they will get it done.

Later Peter called to his parent with news. His mom was ecstatic. She always wanted a grandchild and kept bugging him at every occasion. She was finally getting her wish. They would come in a couple days to discuss wedding plans with future in-laws. They were going to bring his sister with them. She was a junior in high school and luckily school will be out in couple of days.

She kept talking, but Peter wasn’t listening. His mind kept wandering away from conversation. He keep thinking about how much had happen in just a month and that his life was turning in completely different direction then what he imagined before he moved to Hillsboro. In several months he will be married with tone of responsibilities added to his life. He would need to start taking care other of his family life, beside only his own. He was scared and excited at the same time. Will he always be able to handle it or he will screw up along the way? He wasn’t so sure at that moment. Life is full of surprises. What kind surprises were waiting for him? He had no way of knowing.

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