Chapter 3  

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next several days Peter spent his time organizing his new life. He had a lot of things to do to put his life into a normal routine. He reported for work the next morning, was introduced to his new boss and coworkers, and looked at the new computer system he was going to administer. He was unpleasantly surprised about security on that system. He had a lot of work to do to make it work properly. But he didn’t worry. He’d done it before and he will do it again. When he was 20 years old he was one of the top IT professionals in the whole company.

He found himself a place to live. It was a 3 bedroom house on Green Street. The house wasn’t new, but in good condition. His landlord had just remodeled it. Fresh paint and new carpet that was soft and didn’t have worn paths from traffic yet. This house really had too much room for him alone, but for the money he paid he could afford a little luxury. He smiled to himself signing the lease. Place like that in Kansas City would cost him 3 times as much.

He went to Cincinnati and bought some new furniture for his new house. Nothing fancy, just a double bed, living room set, 20” TV and some other things to make his home livable. He opened his new checking account at the local bank, called electric, water, telephone companies and did other things that moving to a new place required. After running around for 2 days he finally felt like he was settling down. He felt pleased with himself. Not many 20 year olds he knew were where he was in his life. And that made him feel good.

On Friday he was working on the new computer system at the factory and, as usual didn’t want to leave until he got to a stopping point in the process. When he finally left, the only person in the whole factory was a security guard at the entrance. It was about 8:30 when he got home. He walked to the door and he saw a piece of white paper stuck between his door and its frame. It was a note from Laura. “Call me 555-1732. Laura.”

“What does she want?” Peter wondered. Memories of embarrassment flowed back into his mind. He was sure she didn’t want a repeat of that night. “Maybe she just needed some help with something. Like a broken cassette player. Or maybe she needed help with some college assignment. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to call, I guess.”

Peter picked up the phone and dialed her number.

“Hello” Sammy’s voice sounded on the other end.

“Hi Sammy. This is Peter.”

“Oh, hi Peter. I am glad you called. We are going to have a birthday party for Ken tomorrow. We’d like you to come. He will be happy to see you.”

“Sure, Sammy. I would be happy to come. What time is the party?”

“Around 3pm. We are going to have a cookout in the back yard. Weather should be good and it is going to be fun.”

“Great, I will be there. Is Laura home?”

“No. She is at her grandmother’s house now, but I will tell her that you called and that you’re coming tomorrow.”

“Thanks. I will see you tomorrow then.”

“Bye Peter” she hung up the phone.

Peter smiled to himself. He liked Ken’s parties. Ken always did something funny and eccentric at them. He remembered Laura’s 10th birthday party, when Ken dressed up as a cow and Sammy as a pony. They danced and sang for kids and it was so funny that his face hurt from the laughter. Adults where in the room too and they couldn’t keep their faces straight either. He definitely was looking forward to tomorrow.

Next day at 3 o’clock he was at Benovski’s house. The festive atmosphere already filled it up. Balloons and ornaments were everywhere, and the sign on his mailbox announced “Birthday Boy lives here” with arrow pointing towards the house. Inside the living room big banner read “It’s a boy!” with blown up picture of Ken. Projection screen was hanging on the wall where usually a Monet hung. Everything indicated that it was going to be another fun party.

“Hi Peter.” He heard from behind him. It was Laura. He turned around. She was as beautiful as the last time he saw her. “What happened to you the last couple of days?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just busy with stuff.” He mumbled.

“Well, I hope you are not mad at me for something?”

“Oh, No. I was just busy. Had to get myself a place to live and move. And work …”

“OK.” Said Laura. Then she stepped closer to him and whispered into his ear: “I really had fun last Tuesday.”

Then she turned around and walked out of the room. Peter was standing there dumb struck. What in the world was she talking about? She had fun last Tuesday? After he embarrassed himself?

He was standing there mulling over his thoughts when he heard Ken’s voice: “Peter, come, help me set up the grill.”

“Sure” he answered and walked outside with Ken.

Party was another big success. Ken showed old photographs using projector and his commentaries were awesome as usual. Guests were laughing. Then he sang his songs. They danced to 80’s music. Everyone enjoyed themselves including Peter.

About 9pm guests started leaving. Peter was standing in the living room having a conversation with Mr. Jones when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Laura.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” she asked.

“I would love to” he replied.

He apologized to Mr. Jones and followed Laura outside the house. Day was coming to an end and the gray color of dusk started filling the air. They walked the familiar route towards the park and turned in to the same alley. This time they kept walking past benches until they reached a little pond on the other end of the park. All the way there he was telling her about his new home. How nice it was and how much room it had and how he planned to put a new computer in one of the bedrooms and make it an office. When they came to the pond they sat on the grass to continue their conversation and stare at the sunset. It was beautiful. Sun was coming down right across from the pond and its bright red colors were reflecting in the water making them feel like they were on another planet. Sounds of crickets somewhere near, and a woodpecker in the trees, were adding to that fantastic experience.

They stopped talking enjoying the view and the Laura moved closer to him and leaned her head to his shoulder. He hugged her and she snuggled under his arm. It was a familiar feeling for him. After a while sun finally sat behind the horizon and it become difficult to distinguish details around them. He leaned towards her and kissed her cheek. She exhaled and started slowly turning her head towards him. He kept kissing her face until he finally reached her mouth and their lips met passionately again. Her kisses were absolutely fantastic. She would push hard against his lips and then she would slow down and playfully bite them. And do it all over again. He freed his hand and put it on her breast and started massaging it. She slowly lay down on the grass pulling him after her. He kept massaging her right breast and she started to moan. He moved his hand and started unbuttoning her blouse. She didn’t object as he put his hand inside her blouse and felt her beautiful body. He moved his hand behind her and tried to undo her bra, but after struggling with it for a while he gave up, moved his hand back in front putting it right under the bra reaching her right breast. She moaned in approval and he couldn’t help but follow her with his own moan.

They were playing like that for several minutes until he decided to go farther. He took his hand from under her bra and unzipped her pants. He moved it inside and started rubbing her panties against her clitoris. She started moaning louder and squeezed his hand. He tried to get around her panties to reach her lips and again like last time she stopped him with quiet “No”. He went back to rubbing her panties and she in return reached his bulge and started rubbing over his pants. 30 seconds later he exploded creating a familiar wet spot inside his pants. This time it didn’t embarrass him at all. She moved so his hands came out from inside her pants, zipped them up and looked at him smiling. She snuggled herself under his arm and they lay there relaxing after their play.

When Peter finally got home and went to bed he kept wondering what actually happened today? Laura wasn’t thinking of him as a loser. She liked to play, but wasn’t going for sex. Will she ever let him go farther? He felt confused with all the questions. He finally fell asleep and didn’t answer any of them.

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