My Story, part 2,  

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1/18/2006 1:28 pm

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My Story, part 2,

Ok, finally I am going to add to my story. Or at least try to. Remember I am new to writing.

My hand travels up your thigh, slowly running my fingers lightly across your skin. I take your balls into my hands and massage them gently. Moving one finger up the length of your hard cock I run it slowly over the very tip. Hmmmm baby, you say. After teasing your cock with my finger I place my hand around it and start working it up and down. After doing this awhile I kiss you lips, moving to your neck, your ear, back to your neck, down to your nipples, your stomach, and then I take you into my mouth. First, I flick my tongue across your hole, then run my tongue all over your hard cock. Finally, I take you in my mouth and start working up and down, swirling my tongue, and sucking lightly then tighter. You place your hands in my hair, running your fingers through it. Our eyes are watching each other not wanting to miss anything. You place your hand under my chin and take my mouth off of you. Looking at you with questions in my eyes, and confusion, afraid that I wasn't pleasing you. You smile at me and bring my mouth to yours, kissing me gently. As we are kissing, you place your arms around me and suddenly flip us around to where I am laying on the bed with you looking down at me. Kissing my lips more passionately your hands move to my breasts, massaging them and taking my nipple between your finger and thumb rubbing and pulling on it. You begin kissing my neck, my ears, knowing how sensitive my ears are and how much it gets to me to have them played with. Then your mouth follows your fingers to my nipple where you suck and nibble on one, as your fingers play with the other. Then your hand moves lower, stoking the insides of my thighs, without touching my mound. Slowly you move your hand on top of my pussy, fingers teasing my clit. Rubbing my clit, your eyes on mine, as I wiggle you suddenly push one finger inside my wet pussy. Then you place two, then three, pumping in and out, as i continue to wiggle and squirm, you place my hands above my head holding them there with one of your arms, then you place your legs over mine, making it impossible for me to move away. You continue pumping my wet pussy with your fingers as you move your mouth down and replace your fingers with your mouth and tongue. You lick and tease my clit with your tongue knowing I love this. As your mouth and tongue are sucking, licking and nibbling on my clit, you place your fingers back into my pussy, finding it wetter then before. Your finger finds that one spot that is impossible for me to resist. With your finger pumping and rubbing there, your mouth working its magic, I am squirming, wiggling, you feel me tighten up and suddenly you feel me cum as I squirt all over your hand. Looking into my eyes, you smile, lean down to kiss my lips sharing my juices with me, we continue to kiss...........
And the rest will come in the next part of the story.

rm_bigjim582 64M
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2/1/2006 1:20 pm

sounds like i should be there.

rm_sccboy 55M
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2/28/2006 9:08 am

sounds like a good time or should I say a good start I think we should finish I love it sweetie

Lov2Fuc22 43M

7/8/2006 2:41 pm

Love your story wish I was the guy in the story !!!

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