Off To A Good Start...  

rm_tmanprime 31M
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1/6/2006 7:29 pm

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Off To A Good Start...

I know it's only a few days in, but 2006 is definitely looking up! Last night, I had a date with a girl I'd met from MySpace. We had talked there for a bit, then it moved over to phone conversations, then finally, I decided to ask her out. She 18, from Sacramento, and wants to be a nurse. She didn't want to drive up on her own, so she brought some friends along and it turned into a double date. We ended up going to a local bowling alley and bowled a few frames. I hadn't been back to the lanes in a few years, so I suck-diddly-ucked. But we had a good time. After we finished, we went out for a walk, and talked. Her friends were still busy, so we went back to her car. Even though both of us had talked about sex and all that stuff, we were still pretty nervous. Eventually, I decided to break the shyness cycle and I, in the most dorkified manner possible, asked if I could touch her boobs. She said yes. I felt her up, I asked to see them and she lifted up her bra. We started kissing. Even though neither one of us really knew what we were doing, we began to improve through trial and error. We even did a little tongue action. I had never seen a pussy up close before, so with a little coaxing, she dropped her pants and let me explore a bit. Again, I had no idea what I was doing, so she guided me to the right spot. I only got down there once, but oh, was it sweet! She even played with me, stroking me a bit. I even ended up sucking on her tits, and even now, I still have the taste in my mouth, and I love it! I don't remember where I heard this saying, but evidently it's true: "Suckin' on titties is like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget." I sucked on her fingers and she sucked on mine and even nibbled on my ear. Eventually, the night had to end, and she had to go home. We'll be keeping in touch until the next time I come home. All this has given me a new sense of confidence. That and a really goofy grin that's been on my face since last night! Like I said, 2006 is definitely starting to look up!

rm_HotSpice46 59F
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12/31/2006 6:45 pm

hey sweetheart, i hope you found what you were looking for and i hope it was all that and more

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