Superman my hero...  

rm_tlaw781 38M
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6/30/2006 12:06 am
Superman my hero...

Hey short blog here it's late and i really need to sleep but I can't help but say a little piece. I'm sure this won't be super popular in sex blog land but I want to say it anyway...
I can't help but think how many people need a hero. I'm sure the weekend box office numbers for superman will be huge. I think it's a good movie but more importantly I hope people can realize they too can be a hero and it's not just comic book make believe.
It's the little things that can make you someone's hero. Saying thank you. Showing appreciation. Offering a friendly hand, maybe even when you have two already taken up.
Offering an ear to somebody who just needs to talk.
Maybe a shoulder for some weary soul.
A little bit of advice that can help someone where you've maybe already are or been.
Saying nothing at all when you are expected to run off at the mouth.
Accepting that which you've struggled with but you know deep down should be accepted.
Walking in to your spouse tonight as she/he lays in bed and just give a nice back rub when your hands are so tired and you more fatigued then they.
Say I love you to a child whom you're sure has heard it a million times and already knows.
Smile at a stranger.
Wave at a neighbor (sincerely)
Offer to volunteer even minutes of your time to the cause of your choice.
Hug someone
Hopefully you get the picture. If everybody could be a hero maybe the next day might not be so tough. Who knows maybe even the one after that.
Superman you're my hero...

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