Sex shouldn't hurt! Too much of a good thing is bad...  

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6/29/2006 10:31 am

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Sex shouldn't hurt! Too much of a good thing is bad...

Alright so I know this is a "sex" site, so I figure it's only fair that I throw in a sex related topic now and then. So here it is...
The title of this post is not about masochism or the like, rather like eating a hundred candy bars and getting sick!
In a previous post I explained racing over 130+ miles an hour to get to a female I had to see. Well let me give you just a tad bit of insight as to why I would drive three hours and what I had to see.
About a year earlier I had set a record that I've only personally known one man to have beat, and honestly that guy I sorta believe but still have my doubts. Now I'm not saying it hasn't been beat somewhere in this world but just not by anyone I know. I'm not bragging either because it's not something I recommend it's just something that happened!
Believe it or not I had sex with the same person 11 times in one 24 hour period. Anyone who hasn't done that may think damn that sounds fun. Anyone who has says oooh still hurting from that one.
Well the latter is the truth. Trust me it hurts! We had a lust for each other that I have never known since. It all started about 5 in the evening and went to about 6 the next morning. The first four or five times were easy and very romantic. It was the perfect storm of sex, love, young lust, romantic music, booze, plenty of condoms and the extra lubed never hurt! The next 5 and 6 times were just more of pure energy. It hurt, but it's the kind of hurt you're willing to endure. Climbing to the top of a mountain or running the last 100 meters of a race because the ending is what makes it all worth it.
The endorphins eased the pain to where it was noticeable but not breakable. We'd sleep for 20 minutes bump each other wake up look at each other and go again and again and again.
Finally, my knees shook so bad I couldn't bare to kneel, my arms were burning I could put only a few pounds of weight but that lust would not leave.
The last effort was there and like a great prize fighter I gave every once left until the last push, five seconds of intense pleasure, and then the most fatiguing droning pain set in.
I slept like the dead and when I awoke I had this dull pain. Oh so dull and yet I had the biggest smile I could across my face. Then I went to get up to go to the bathroom and that smile quickly turned upside down!
I had to tell people I pulled a groin muscle as to why I was walking funny and couldn't really sit down right.
For the next three days I waited for my body to heal. We both laughed in retrospect in those three days and couldn't wait to be able to try again. We never did though. Best chance came two years later when we got trapped in a blizzard for a weekend. Maybe I'll blog about that one sometime! Greatest gift in that one was the subway and convenience store down the block being open! Food and condoms of course.
Truthfully it's been like a search for the grail to find another woman I connected with on that level of physicality. I understand it will never be that like that again,and I'm completely fine with that, but it was the intensity that was so addicting. Knowing all we had to was look at each other and it was on.
I have known the greatest women in every other way but I had to know was there someone else who could bring that intensity. Maybe I'll never know maybe it's right around the corner, but if I never do find it I'm so happy that I knew it
So do lots of people find that intensity with someone else? Is it pretty common and i've just been not seeing it? Do you have to have a deeper bond to create that intensity whereas you can't maintain it with someone you don't really know too well?

TnWitchyWoman 56F
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6/29/2006 11:04 am

When we were young and dating my now husband and I went after it so much one night that it caused abrasions on us both (and the problem was not lubrication but simply being rubbed raw). I thought the burning was a bad sign of starting a yeast infection...or worse as we'd only been dating a month and we weren't using condoms. I went to see the doctor I'd had since I was 10 years old. I'm sure I blushed 20 shades of red when he told me "Everything looks fine, no infection, but you do know you CAN give that thing a rest occasionally?!" ARRRGH. But it sure was fun! LOL

Just a few years ago my "extra" husband and I went 7 rounds one night. I had absolutely no "legs left" and had to have help getting to the bathroom to go pee. And when I did urinate there was a tinge of blood because the rubbing had irritated by urinary tract. Despite the pain I wouldn't have traded that night either.

rm_tlaw781 replies on 6/29/2006 12:04 pm:
Ouch! Geeze I thought I had it bad! Granted I sat on a bag of ice seemingly forever but no bleeding although I was very sensitive to the touch. Maybe the condoms and lube actually were a good thing!

CrashnBern 58F

6/29/2006 11:04 am

the most i have done is 9 times with my husband(at the time)..I got honeymoon bladder and a bad kidney infection and had to get meds and stay home from work... but oh was it good (we taped the was great)

rm_tlaw781 38M

6/29/2006 12:11 pm

    Quoting CrashnBern:
    the most i have done is 9 times with my husband(at the time)..I got honeymoon bladder and a bad kidney infection and had to get meds and stay home from work... but oh was it good (we taped the was great)
Man I got off lucky. Got off, no pun intended! Geez blood, bladder, kidney infections??! Thinking twice now about going for that record again!
Taped the sounds!? You should put that on mp3 and grab some head phones and just walk around with a big smile at the mall or something. People will think you got great music going on!

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