Squirting... Revisited  

rm_tkwswing 51M/49F
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5/8/2005 9:35 am

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Squirting... Revisited

Ok...I'm a believer and so is Tim!!!

We watched a Squirter movie last night and WOW...we sat there fascinated! It was the most intense, raw, and to be honest, exciting thing we've seen. These girls came with a vengeance and squirted like freaking geysers. We couldn't take our eyes off of them. We usually don't make it to the end of the movie...but we did with this one. If you want the name of the movie, e-mail us and we'll send you the title since we can't post it here.

The liquid was definitely not urine as I asked in a previous post. It was clear and looked like water if you asked me. The thing that amazed us is that they came and squirted, came and squirted...like 7 times in one scene.

Now anyone that has read our blogs should know by now that we'll have questions, so here it goes:

If you've been with a squirter or are a squirter, what does the liquid smell like?

What does it taste like?

Inquiring minds want to know...

truescorpio04 60M

5/9/2005 6:11 pm

I have been with a few women who squirt (see my recent blog post to see what can promote squirting) and it is very exciting. My most recent was a woman who had never cum and squirted like that before. When she came it was like a dam broke, it soaked the bed... no smell, and the taste is rather neutral, more like a saline taste but mild. My second wife was a squirter and her fluid was a bit thicker, more cum like, also clear and odorless, but it had a bit more of a taste similar to her vaginal secretions when she became wet. I am in belief/understanding/assumption that this fluid is what [women] have in reserve for vaginal channel lubrication. It is without question in such quantity for the purpose of childbirth and can be released with the proper stimulation.

Here is something interesting; the woman who had not squirted before had asked me about it before we had ever met, this was maybe a month or two before our first physical encounter. I had told her to get a cucumber of her preferred size and shape, something she would really enjoy, and freeze it... she did. We took it into the bedroom with us when we started making love and I gave her head like there was no tomorrow, and I fucked her G-spot with my fingers and really got her high. Then I introduced the frozen, now somewhat thawing, cucumber slowly into her, pushing it gingerly a little more with each push. Once all the way in and twisting as I pumped her with it, sucking and massaging her clit with my tongue, it didn't take long and she blew... and did she ever. The neighbors in the next block could hear her I am sure, it was amazing... so, you might try that. I know cold may seem to be a scary thing, but it keeps swelling down so the tissue doesn't restrict itself, kind of like a inflammation neutralizer. A glass dildo you can freeze would work as well...

It is fun and a wonderful surprise when it happens.

Good luck.

casper6108 55M

5/9/2005 11:00 pm

Simply, mildy sweet water. A full med review reveals it urine.

ufeelmetill 39F

5/10/2005 5:49 am

Well I am a squirter\Gusher and the first time I was in the middle of a mfm threesome. I think it was the erotism that did it. One of the men was eating licking and sucking my pussy and next thing I know feel like I am on fire. The substance squirted him in his eyes and when he felt it he knew automatically what it was. I had never heard of it. Actually I thought it was Urine. I was embarrassed. Then As he hit it from the back, I had my feet on the floor hands on the bet ass in the air and he hit my Gspot it came out like urine. The floor was wet the bed was wet it was cumming all down my leg and inconspicuously I put my had in the lightly creamy substance and sniffed....Nothing....I just knew it would smell like urine but it did not it did not smell and from what my partner said it tasted sweet. Now I am with someone who makes me squirt daily and its lovely. But its messy and I have to say that bcuz of this I go potty b4 we have sex just to make sure cuz the sensation is so great i don't want there to be any misshaps.

But in all honesty from what i read about it If your cum and gush its not urine, but if u gush and don't cum, that is urine.

rm_EE407 41F
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5/11/2005 10:35 am

thanks for the blog and the comments!
I'm blessed with a curious mind as well!

loverman939 44M
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5/11/2005 8:24 pm

I also have been blessed to be with several "Squirters" in my life. One of which was my ex that I still miss the most. God, she was devine in soooo many ways! The first time we ever had sex, she squirted like crazy in my mouth. It just about made me cum just from that! And then she proceeded to squirt constantly while we had intercourse. My bed was soaked, but it was worth it. It was really cool when I had her in my car one nite, and she sat on my face and leaned back while I ate her. She squirted right down into my mouth. That tasted sooo good!

3Horus 84M
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5/15/2005 8:42 pm

I've been with two squirting ladies and loved it. The first time I was giving her head and when she came in my mouth my first thought was that she'd peed, but it tasted sweet. Nearly 20 years later I met my second one and that was unexpected also, but lovely. One thing the two ladies had in common was that they had strong PC muscles and they squeezed so hard my dick was forced out of their vaginas. Also, there was a faint hissing sound as they ejaculated.

rm_nova_222 45M/54F
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5/20/2005 3:52 am

well i'm with a squirter.....so i'll try too answer from experience...scent--seems too vary depending on the day...what she has eaten how long it's been since her last squirt and so forth...
Taste--- always seems to be bitter tasting...and our record for squirts per session is 12.............

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