Bi-Curious...Not Anymore!  

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10/10/2005 11:41 pm

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Bi-Curious...Not Anymore!

We made the arrangements early in the week. Booked a hotel, got a sitter for the kids, and finalized our plans to meet.

Saturday seemed like eternity away but came upon us faster than anticipated. We got in the car, drove the 90-some miles to our destination with my mind go over different scenarios of what might happen. I was nervous, he was nervous but we both were excited. We'd talked about doing this for months, it was a fantasy that was about to become a reality for both of us.

It's now 7:45 PM and they arrive at our hotel. She is beautiful, black button down blouse, black short skirt, and black thigh highs. He is handsome and witty. We have some drinks at the bar, then go up to our room for more drinks before we go dancing. As we leave the room, I notice she is not wearing a bra...mmmmm...

We go dancing...more drinks...more dancing. He tells me she is not wearing panties, and I feel myself getting excited. We leave after an hour or so and go back to our hotel. We've all had our share of drinks, and we all want the same thing.

We're in the room now and she takes off her top. Her breasts are perfect. I take off my top and make him take off my thigh highs as my husband watches. We are lying on the bed and I caress her long, smooth legs. She rolls slightly on her back and opens herself up to me. I gently touch her pussy then move my hands to cup her breasts. She leans over and begins to tongue my clit. I want her to taste me and I open my legs to her. The men are watching us and I get even more excited knowing that they are.

She moves to lie on her back and I slide myself between her legs. I want to taste her. I kiss her inner thigh and work my way to her clit. Swirling my tongue in circles as she sucks her man's cock, he opens her lips for me as I continue to lick her. I slide my finger inside her and push it in and out. My husband is watching me and I know he is completely turned on. I want her to suck my husband's cock and she does. We go on licking and sucking for several hours. Not knowing whose mouth is where, just making sure we're satisfying each other.

The experience for us is erotic, passionate, and exciting. It made me feel beautiful and alive. It is burned into our memory. I hope all of our encounters are as good because I can tell you there will be plenty more!

I'm humming just thinking about it..."I Love Lucy...and she loves me..."

GAToyGirl 40F
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12/28/2005 11:50 am

That's kinda how my first and only encounter with a couple was about 6 years ago...makes me want it again!

pleasinher6966 50M

9/10/2009 8:29 am

that sounds fun keep the fun storys comming

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