Erotic Encounters #1  

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4/19/2005 11:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Erotic Encounters #1

Last night I had yet another erotic sex night with my girlfriend. The sex between us is always great but yesterday was amazing. I think our sex life has perked up at the thought of experiencing a threesome with another woman or man. This is something we have talked about before but never have mutually decided to pursue this option...In fact the morning started out with us talking about it again. My girlfriend asked "What would you do if there was another woman with us?" I proceeded to tell her that I would lick on her pussy while the other woman would suck on her titties. This got my girl hot. She kissed me aggressively for a few mintues. Then the next thing I know we are in the 69 position. She is suckin me off and my face is buried in her pussy and my middle finger is deep in her ass. She is moanin in ecxtacy and I'm hard as a rock as she continues to slob on my dick. My girl gives wet sloppy porn star blow jobs so I'm in heaven at this point. Then I get the bright idea to take one finger and put it in her pussy and the other finger in her ass and rub them together while I lick her clit. She exploded cummin all over my face. Then we started doogie style. My girl was feelin extra frisky so we broke out a butt plug. I put the butt plug in her ass as I continued to fuck her from behind. She must have cumm several times from this postion. After about 45 min I was drained. She had homework to do and I had errands to run. However, later that night we hooked up again for about 2 hours of the same nasty sex. In this second round of lovemaking she begged for my dick in her ass instead of the buttplug. After holding out for a little while, I gave in to her wishes. I don't know but the next day was great for me. I think there is something good about getting in some good lovemakin twice a day. lol Well i guess I'm curious to hear from those memebers who have sex sex two or three times a day. lol


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