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tonight's headlines

(evening news intro music)

"Good evening and welcome to the eleven o'clock news. I'm Dick Chase."
"And I'm Anita Peice. Tonight's top story, police bust 7 residents of a SE neighborhood for possession and distribution of meth. Dick..."
(dick)"In other news, a local pastor of a church says his congregation is going to 'get involved' in the war on meth in their area, by teaching kids the importance of saying no. Pastor James says enough is enough. Anita..."
(anita)"Woody Johnson is on scene to report our next story. Woody?"
(woody)"Thanks Anita. We are here in the (fill in the blank) neighborhood where two local men said they encountered a 'crazed madman' who was robbing the first gentlemens truck in the middle of the day. When they confronted him, they said he was 'obviously under the influence' of something, and the police say that it was most likely meth."
(film footage of the truck owner)"yeah, it was purty whiled - I came around da corner ta git uh nutter beer and dis dude was all in my truck goin tru my stuff like he uz lookin fer some-tin. Then I'z yellin for bufford to come on around to help me pin him by the fence, and I guess dis dude was all jacked up on drugs or whatever cuz he jumped up on the roof of the truck screaming the words to a show tune or sum-tin and what-not whyl pullin his boxer shorts up over his shoulders and ...(back to woody)
(woody)"Police say they a few hundred people in mind of who the suspect may be, but thanks to the description that was giving to the police by the witnesses, they should have it narrowed down to fifty or so by morning. Back to you Anita."
(anita)"We have a great story of good will to share with you tonight. A local man's dog is pushing a basketball across the state with his nose to raise money for his owner's meth addiction rehab"

It's not that far from the truth around here. Is this meth thing a Northwest thing or is it this bad in the rest of the country too? What about the rest of you in Asia, South America, South Africa, Austarlia. Is this whole thing foriegn to you? Or do I make you feel right at home?

I'm tires, and remember to check your air pressure.

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