faux pro, and can you write one, part duex  

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11/8/2005 8:02 pm

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faux pro, and can you write one, part duex

okay, i'm a little lame here, but i really would like to hear some more of these, and since i don't have the traffic here of the big blogs, i'm just going to try running this again... once a month or so, and see how it turns out...

from 10 -19:

what is a faux pro, you ask? well, i don't expect you to know, really, because i just made up the term. but here is the best definition i can give.

faux pro (foe-pro) n. a fake profile on a new website for the purpose of making individuals who visit the new website appear that they are not the first ones there. a.k.a. untrue profile.

in other words, when a website such as this one first develops, the founders of the site must create several individuals who appear to be their for the purposes in which the website was designed. i would guess that they would probably have to come up with several dozen for each category to make it appealing to prospective clients. after a few hundred real ones show up and post profiles, the fake ones can be pulled down over time.

i can only imagine that writing such faux pros would be fun. you could mix up different characteristics of different real people you knew, or even create your own fantasy person from scratch. you could even create an individual whose profile looked so outrageous purely for the purpose of seeing who if anyone would respond.

now i know that there are some pretty creative people here in blogville, so let's see who can come up with what. write that faux pro!


liketolick427 54M

11/11/2005 4:32 pm

I dont know as if theyd have to make any up. I see alot of them I just cant believe are true. The 1 that seemed the worst to me was 2 twins. Maybe it true . And maybe Ill win the lottery

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