Farewell to Regret, Part IV  

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Farewell to Regret, Part IV

Ron and Gina walked down the sidewalk of Ron's front yard, flanked by the lush green grass and the rhododendron bushes. Gina felt like a new woman now, freshly bathed and well fed, and physically, if not mentally, ready for the last leg of her trip to Bend. Her body didn't feel the pains and aches it felt just hours before, when she awoke in the cab of her truck. In fact, she felt better than she had felt in weeks.

"I don't know how I can say thank you enough, Ron. Breakfast was so good, and..."

"Don't worry about it, Gina. It was my pleasure." said Ron. "Are you sure there's nothing more I can do for you?"

"You've done plenty already! Are you kidding? I couldn't have gotten this kind of service if I stayed at the Hiatt!" Said Gina, with her back-pack on her shoulder and her keys in her hand. "And they would have charged me for the breakfast!"

"Well, Hurricane doesn't have much more than the roadway inn, but I'm glad I could make your stop over a little nicer. And please, feel free to stop in on your way home too if you'd like, and we can see if you can serve me up my first ever loss at cribbage."

"Oh really! You're on!" she said, as she motioned towards the gate. "Thank you so much again, Ron"

As Gina and Ron said their good-byes, they both took in the fresh air and sunlight that was sure to bring about a beautiful day in Hurricane. The nine o'clock sun had just the right angle to come in under the branches of the tall trees in the park. There wasn't a cloud in sight, and the morning dew was only lightly evident in the shady areas of the Ron's thick lawn. Even the birds, carrying on their morning conversations in the tree tops, seemed to agree that this was indeed a gorgeous morn.

Gina got into her truck and rearranged the random belongings on the seat, some of them finding a new home with the fast food wrappers on the floorboard. The atlas was put next to the drivers seat within easy reach as it would most likely be the most needed item in the next couple hours. She fired up the Ford's engine, and waved to Ron as she put the transmission in drive, checked her rear view mirror and pulled out into the road, headed for hwy. 15 north.

Lately, Gina's mind often went back to a time when things were different. Times when the first and last thing on her mind each and every day was something that involved alcohol. Where she was going to get the money to buy it, where she was going to steal it, how much she needed to get her through the weekend, or whatever. It was a time when everything revolved around the ability to escape.
"Revolved?" she thought to herself.
Spinning out of control would probably be a better description, she thought. Just like the tornadoes her mother was so terror-stricken by, her world was a spinning tyrant of chaos. But at that point, it didn't matter much as long as the bottle in her hand could bring her solitude for the immediate moment.
Ricky wasn't like the other boys in Dalhart when he was growing up. While other young men were being taught the values of responsibility, discipline, and honoring your parents, Ricky had been told time and time again about how he was going to become a great athlete. His father told him. His uncle told him. Every male in Dalhart told him from the time he was eleven how proud the city was going to be of "the All-American athlete from Dalhart, Texas". How proud they would all be of him. And they were too. Proud of the dream, that is. But when the dream faded, Ricky wasn't prepared for a little thing called life. His father, his uncle, and every other adult in Dalhart failed Ricky. They failed to ensure in his own mind that he was going to be something special whether he did or didn't make the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys or the Chicago Bears. They didn't let him know that not everyone makes it. And Ricky wasn't used to being denied what he wanted. But he could always find relief in a bottle. And that used to help him get through those times when he had to face the reality that when the morning came, and he opened the front door, the rest of his life was out there. The rest of his life suddenly didn't look so glamorous to Ricky.
Gina's life was a bit routine. While working at the local Thrift-Mart as a customer service/cashier, she usually got off work at 6:30 p.m. and came home to the couples small two bedroom rental. She walked in the front door and went through the house, usually setting her purse and keys on the kitchen counter. The first thing she did every night on arrival was to go to the back door and let Mollie in the house for the evening. Mollie was 10 years old now, and although a little slower, she still got as excited as ever to see Gina. Tail wagging with a puppy's enthusiasm, and soft whimpers of content, knowing that her owner still got excited to see her to.
One cold and rainy night in January, Gina came home and noticed Ricky's truck in the driveway. He wasn't due to get off work for another three hours. As she approached the front of the house, she heard the television set much louder than normal in the living room. She opened the door and saw Ricky sleeping on the sofa, the empty beer cans telling her that he'd been home for hours and that her chances of waking him where slim. He still had the remote in his hand, somewhat pointed in the tv's direction. Gina walked past the tv on her way into the kitchen and turned the volume down. She went to the back door, and was surprised to not see Mollie waiting for her. She called her twice, and then a third. Not wanting to go outside because of the rain, she retreated to the living room and yelled at Ricky as if he was already awake, "Where's Mollie?" she demanded.
Ricky sluggishly opened one eye, and moved his head slightly to get visual confirmation that his wife was indeed in front of him. He didn't say anything, he just positioned his head for more comfort, and blindly set the remote amid the beer cans.
Gina went to the open back door, and peered into the darkness across the yard. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw the body of her best and dearest friend lie motionless in a puddle near the walkway. She ran out to Mollie's side and knelt down beside her, put her hands in her face and cried like she hasn't cried before. This was the one good friend that saying good-bye to wasn't so easy.
She later found out that Ricky came home, and didn't want to let the dog in the house because she was wet. After several minutes of yelping and a rough day at work, Ricky's patience got the best of him. A kick to Mollie's rib cage fractured a rib, punctured a lung, and took away his wife's last remaining friend from Oklahoma.

to be continued

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4/30/2006 10:25 pm

wow ...... is all i can say ...... can even relate to some of it directly ...... the rest i know can be real life for so many ....after reading that, ....sorry, im at a loss for meaningfull words ..... so powerfull, so true to so many lives...

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5/1/2006 5:46 am

You are on the book trail, my friend. Excellant work. Later


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5/1/2006 12:46 pm

[size3]Hey Tires... You've been tagged.... errr.... selected....

Wanna play?

Go to The Rules of the Writing Game......, read the rules and then go to The Writing Game... Scenario Two


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Hey Tires... You've been tagged.... errr.... selected....

Wanna play?

Go to The Rules of the Writing Game......, read the rules and then go to The Writing Game... Scenario Two


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5/1/2006 12:59 pm

Okay, I would have felt better had this part ended with Gina recovering enough to get up, grab a baseball bat and beat that asshole senseless.

Good job

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

RoyalPurpleRose 51F

5/1/2006 3:56 pm

I have to agree with Daphne. He should have his ass beaten .... maybe that will come with your next chapter??

This is awesome Tires.

~Kisses, RPR

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5/1/2006 7:55 pm

wow excellent writing and as soon as i put this box of tissues down go give our dog a hug! c

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5/2/2006 11:46 am


an excellent set of posts - and i too see a novel

well developed female voice


and it made me cry

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