Farewell to Regret, Part III  

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Farewell to Regret, Part III

Gina's parents Ray McAdam and Debra Hobart grew up in McCurtain, Oklahoma, population 349. Even though they knew each other and were friendly towards one another from the age of six, they didn't become sweethearts until high school. Junior year. The day of their first real kiss, Debra laid on her canopy bed in her parents large farm house and practiced writing the name "Mrs. Ray McAdam" over and over again. The kiss confirming the thoughts she had since she was nine... she was in love. They married the summer after their graduation, with the praise and blessing of most all of McCurtains remaining 347 residents. When Gina was born, her father was a janitor for a middle school in Shawnee, Oklahoma where he stayed for fourteen years. That was the longest he had stayed at any job. When she was eight, a tornado which destroyed a large portion of the campus came close enough to the family's home that Gina's parents decided to move west. Gina's mother was terrofied of twisters. Growing up in Oklahoma didn't make her immune to the fear of being swept up by an enraged agglomeration of debris. They moved six times in the next nine years. Each time the strain of saying good-bye to friends eroded her spirit and zest for life. Each time being a little easier and more scripted. Each time becoming less sincere, so as to keep friends at a distance. Acquaintances, really. Saying good-bye became far too easy for Gina.
When she was seventeen, the family moved to Dalhart, Texas. A town the size of Amarillo would have been easier for Ray to find work in, but would have been far too large for her parents to adapt to. Gina was taller than most of the girls her age. Her long legs and shoulder length curly hair made her much more attractive than many of the other girls in Dalhart. A "girl next door" kind of natural beauty that made boys like Ricky Peterson take a good long look at. Ricky took a liking to Gina from the moment he laid eyes on her. It was two days before school started at Dalhart High, and although practice didn't start for three more hours, he and the rest of the varsity football starting line-up were at the field for one reason. Cheerleader try-outs. Not Gina. She wasn't the cheerleader type. She showed up that morning to register for classes, as the returning students had already done so at the end of last year.
Gina was instantly attracted to him as well, since his tall frame with broad shoulders made him look nothing at all like a seveteen year old. He could have easily passed for twenty one or twenty two, if it weren't for the fact that everybody in town knew him. That's one thing about being a starting running back in a small Texas town - everybody knows you.
But they had no idea who he was in Clayton, New Mexico. Less than an hour away, he could buy beer there all day long and no one would even raise an eye. He knew he could. After all, he'd been dong it for the last seven months.
The first time Ricky asked Gina out she said no. To this day, she thinks that was the smarted decision she ever made in her life. Too bad she didn't stick with it.
By the third week of October, they were the hottest topic on campus. The all american running back, first string all state, lettered in four sports, and the most beautiful girl in the school under his arm. Ricky Peterson was indeed untuochable.
Living in a small community like Dalhart doesn't exactly offer up alot of extra curricular activities. No movie theatre, no roller rink. No bowling alley, no arcade. Not alot of things to do for a young couple like Ricky and Gina.
But Clayton was less than an hour away. And Gina became mighty fond of drinking. It was a good excuse in her mind to be a bit of a bitch to those around her. She somehow learned that this would keep people from wanting to get close. And close was not good.
The Dalhart Golden Wolves finished 8 - 4 that season. Ricky's hopes of going to Purdue on a football scholarship were now just that. Empty hopes. The basketball team didn't fare much better, but the Drive to Clayton sure got alot shorter as the year went on. And somehow, even at the age of eighteen, Ricky didn't feel right unless he had a cold beer in his hand.
Gina and Ricky both graduated that year, and he having decided that she was the best that Texas had to offer and her having someone who could buy her beer, they just somehow figured that staying together was a destiny of convenience. It stayed that way until the following February, when they decided getting married would put the once splendorous couple in the lime light once again. Even if it was only for one night.
That night was a night she'll never forget. Not because of her dress, a gift from her grandmother, which was one of the most elegant that anyone in town had ever seen. It's long tail flowing behind her as if on wheels. The sequins made it look as if it were electric, the lace as if it originated from the breath of angels. It reminded her of how she felt wearing the princess dress that she wore on her tenth birthday.
The reason she'll never forget that night though was because of what happened on their honeymoon. In Lubbock, Texas, 200 miles south, she tasted her own blood at the hands of her less-than-day-old husband.

As Gina sat at the kitchen table, Ron poured her a fresh cup of coffee and moved the creamer and sugar bowl within easy reach. Walking back towards the stove, he decided to make her hashbrowns, bacon, and scrambled eggs, knowing she'd likely say no to his offer if he were to ask. Ron felt that "uneasiness at the situation I'm in" she carried around with her. It seemed to fall off her as if she just came in from a rain storm, large wet droplets splashing on the linoleum floor. He could tell by her appearance that she wasn't homeless, although it was obvious she had been in the same clothes for days. Her truck, though several years old and full of fast food wrappers, was in well maintained order, and looked to be very sound for its age. After all, a twenty nine year old pickup with Texas plates doesn't show up in Hurricane very often. And something about the way she talked, walked, and carried herself said she was utterly horrified that she was dealing with these recent circumstances. Ron didn't want to push, but he knew she needed help. And Ron, well, was Ron.

"Bend, Oregon. My what a beautiful place!" he said, turning on the right rear burner. "I was there for a friends wedding several years ago. We stayed for nearly a week. A long weekend, really. Have you been there before?"
"No, I've never been to Oregon. In fact, I haven't been out of Texas for the last four years."
"You seem as if you're in a hurry this time, I might say." Ron said in a matter of fact kind of way. "Is everything alright?"
Gina wanted to avoid this part of this conversation, although she knew it was something she had to face sooner or later, and Ron seemed to be a non-judgemental person. This didn't come across to her as being as difficult as once thought.
Gina thought for a second about how not so much in a hurry she was in as she was to get it over with. Her father recently having been diagnosed with alzheimers disease and the fact that she hadn't felt as if she had been a very good daughter for the last several years. Now, she will have to face her parents and say she's sorry to her mother and someone who doesn't even know who she is.
"My father's not doing too well, I guess. I kinda lost touch with my parents about eight years ago. Too busy carrying around skeletons you could say." She offered up, while Ron listened intently. As Gina sat motionless, staring blank faced at the table next to her plate and continued "I got a call from my Aunt last week and she told me that she thought it would be good for me to come see my father. Good for him, anyway. She said his alzheimer's has progressed pretty rapidly in the last few months. It was just forgetting little things, like where he put the keys to the truck and things like that. Maybe forgetting about calling someone back, or going to the store for milk and eggs, and forgetting the eggs." As gina's jaw began to tremble, she said "Now, on a good day, he might know who my mother is. He hasn't recognized my aunt in two weeks."

Ron's lips curled slightly, as he nodded in full comprehension of her unfortunate situatuion. His eyes fell to the floor in a lazy way, as he scanned the floor, as if looking for a morsel of food that had fallen from the table.
"I'm sorry to hear about your father, Gina. I know alzheimer's is tough on everyone in a family."

Not much more was said about Gina or her father. They made casual conversation, mostly about Ron's beautiful house and yard. As Gina ate her breakfast, Ron thumbed through his Atlas, without tattered covers, and verified for Gina her best route. The bacon was crisp, but not overdone. The coffee was better than the store brand she bought. And the hashbrowns were incredible. Ron may have been a writer, but he definitely had a knack for cooking as well. It was the best meal Gina had in days, if not weeks.

She looked up at the clock and decided that she had better get into the shower and get back on the road. She took her well stuffed over-night bag into the bathroom, and shut the door behind her. She pulled a few items from the bag, set them on the countertop, and ran her fingertips through her hair. She turned on the water, and while waiting for it to reach the perfect temperature, she began to undress. She pulled off her tank top, and as she lowered her hands she rubbed her full belly in approval of Ron's efforts at the stove. She finished undressing, and got into the stream of water, quickly appreciating how good this already felt. In just a matter of seconds, as more and more of her skin became wet, she could feel the stress and aches leave her aching body.

to be continued

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4/24/2006 11:17 pm

PLEASE, don't make me wait a week.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

rm_MamCsDawne 46F
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4/25/2006 2:05 am

Love your story.. keep going.. im really gettin into it.

MamChelle 48F  
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4/25/2006 2:37 am

i have followed this all the way and never untill just now, absorbed the title... Fairwell to regret wow That certainly sums up how i have been feeling as i wrote my own Becomming it was cathartic. I so look forward to the rest of this...Your writing draws me in and holds me spellbound. Much talent and i applaud You. c

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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4/25/2006 9:50 am

DaphneR - I'm so sorry, hun. I've been going full speed lately, not feeling well, the list goes on.

mzhuny - thank you so much. I know you read alot of blogs, so to see you come by on a fairly regular basis to keep up with my story is very special to me.

dawne - Thank you. I read your Real Life Story series last night, and Chelle's Becoming series over the weekend. You two are such pillars of strength, the kind I'm trying to incorporate into this character. Except you two are real. You two are heroes in my book.

BGRS - I'm working on it babe. I've been feeling pretty blah the last few days. If you look at my "most recent comments left by tires" at the right, you'll notice I was up all night. Not feeling well. Called in sick to work today, can't make it. Can't write more til I'm feeling better. Hopefully, soon.

Chelle - Like I said to your sis, you two are incredible. I'm so impressed by both you and your sister after reading the two stories I mentioned to her above. Your strength is amazing. And thank you for the compliments on my story. You have to remember, I'm just a little ole mehanic trying my hand at something new here.

RoyalPurpleRose 51F

4/25/2006 11:11 am

Love this story Tires. Looking forward to the continuation. So, plllleeeaaaassseeee don't keep me waiting!

BTW ... thanks for your support. It's wonderful to know there are friends here I can lean on.

~Kisses, RPR

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4/25/2006 2:44 pm


This is very good!

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4/25/2006 7:32 pm

Very good! Can hardly wait for the next part. You are very talented.


bardicman 50M

4/26/2006 1:30 am

Excellent. I am anticipating more.

I am not dead yet


4/27/2006 1:24 pm

This is I wish page turning, but since it isn't please hurry

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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4/27/2006 7:06 pm

Very well done, guy. Looking for the next installment. Later


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4/28/2006 2:36 pm

Awwww feel better soon.

as for the story...

well lookit you go!


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4/29/2006 8:55 am

kpb sent me over...so glad he did....

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4/29/2006 9:09 pm

This has been just wonderful. I'm hooked and can't wait.

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