Work Pleasures  

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3/10/2006 2:19 am

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3/12/2006 9:39 pm

Work Pleasures

I was going to the lift in my office block, and who do I run into Lara, she has a client in the top floors, we went into the lift there were a few people there and it was a bit of a squash, I was right at the back in the corner se was in front of me, she moved back pressing herself into me, I immediately went hard and moved my hand around here side.

She moved here hand around here back and started to rub me through my pants, it wasn’t long and I came, we stood there till everyone had left and went out there was an empty office on the top floor we went into. Lara went to the window standing with here back to me looked out at the scenery, I took here from behind she pushed against me hard and we fucked like there was no tomorrow as she came she called my name softly and it felt like I exploded in here.

Afterwards we talked for a while about the braai we had the other evening, and how here husband grabbed here at home and fucked here like he had never done before.

After we had talked for a while we kissed passionately on the floor and had one for the road. I am looking forward to our next get together.

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