Pub Lunch  

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3/10/2006 12:20 am
Pub Lunch

Myself and my wife went out for a pub lunch and we met up with a group of our friends, we were chatting and having a few drinks, there were eight of us at one table my wife was sitting opposite me.

After a while and a good few drinks the stories around the table as per any group with a few drinks reverted to sex, the discussions were innocent and joking with a few stabs at seriousness.

One of my wife’s friends was sitting next to me I had liked here for a while, well built good sense of humor, long dork hair with chiseled features. With so many of us sitting at the table there was the usual leg touching leg ext, I then felt Lara’s leg pushing a bit more than usual against mine so I looked down and then at here, as she glanced at me our eyes met for that more than just a look instant.

Not wanting to arouse any suspicion I looked at my wife who all the time was looking at me, being a woman she knew what had just happened and gave me the evil eye.

As the afternoon crept to evening we were all getting a bit largered, and I noticed my wife lightly biting here lower lip, without making it obvious I looked at the guy sitting next to here and notices his right arm was a bit to far to the right to be sitting comfortable, the bloody shit was rubbing up my wife.

She looked at me and noticed that I had been looking at here as well and blushed well game on I slowly lowered my arm still looking at my wife onto Lara’s thigh the was wearing a beach and I moved to here inner thigh and up to here clit which was already wet.

I started to run here and she parted here legs to allow me full access I started to rub here on the top part of here clit on here little button very slowly, shit I was getting so horney and hard I just wanted to fuck here on the table.

All the time my wife was looking at me then I noticed she lifted here head slightly and I knew she had cum, all the while I was still slowly rubbing Lara I felt here shudder underneath me as she came and I carried on rubbing here, after the third time she gently grabbed my hand and moved it away, boy did I want to fuck.

We all called it an evening and went our own ways, in the car I said to my wife so you like him I see, a bit defensively she said I can say the same about Lara, we left it at that this was the first time we had done something like that maybe because we were a bit pissed off with each other.

A few days later Lara and here husband came over for a braai, I went hard almost immediately. She looked stunning and boy did I want to be inside of here, as the evening progressed we formed two separate groups Lara and myself and here husband and my wife.

I was standing outside with Lara and my wife and Laras husband went inside I thought just like the pub something is going to happen, moving slowly to the sliding door I glanced into the kitchen and true as nuts she was kissing him, I suppose it had progressed from the rubbing stage to this.

As my wife opened here eyes she saw me looking at here and she motioned for me to go to Lara. I turned around and grabbed here hand and brought here to me we melted into each other kissing passionately she went for my belt and undid my pants, pulled me out and started to rub me up and down I almost came in here hand before I knew what had happened we were naked and in each others arms on the floor in from of the fire.

As I stroked here breasts I heard my wife moan in the kitchen and funny enough this made me even more horney, I gently kisses Lara’s breasts and moved down to here clit liking here slowly on here button she came in my mouth I went inside of here she was so warm we fucked harder and harder until we were onto of each other covered in sweat I did not want to pull out of here I could have stayed like that all night.

We got cleaned up and my wife and Lara’s husband came back to join us we were all silent and my wife came over to stand next to me with here arm around me we said nothing.

At the end of the evening when Lara and here husband had left myself and my wife were sitting on the couch having a glass of wine when she said I knew you wanted here.

I responded I did not expect this from you as you are generally like a clooster cokie we both laughed and I moved over and kissed here before we knew it we were fucking like we had never fucked before.

Well that was one pub lunch and braai I cant weight to see them again

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