What's That Smell?...or The Wench With The Stench  

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7/15/2006 1:21 pm

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What's That Smell?...or The Wench With The Stench

When first discussed, just a thought,
to swing with others, and feeling hot,
I asked, "You with her and with him I'd go?"
Honey dear, does that make me a Ho?"

"No way." he said. "I just want to see,
how much fun you'd have and pleasured be."
Lots of talk and then the deal was made,
we'd find a couple and both get laid.

We placed an ad and with fingers crossed,
we waited in hope for our salads tossed.
We needed rules to make things right,
if it went bad, we both would take flight.

A signal of course had to be found,
it must be subtle, and make no sound,
a kiss on the cheek always means yes,
an epileptic fit means "this guy's a mess."

When the test had been passed, a couple met,
Off home to play, but not quite just yet.
Had a few drinks, to ready the mood,
Talk a bit more with an offer of food.

Then to the bedroom we hastily made,
Off with the clothes we quickly obeyed.
Twas my night to try tasting a muff,
But when her legs parted, I'd had enough!

A stench had arose, so foul and unclean,
and a green growing vapor could also be seen!
It was B.O. of the nastiest kind,
I could not go there, I was losing my mind!

They'd rushed out of work, in haste to our home
and did not shower or bathe, or use a cologne
and with her legs parted so far and so wide,
we thought a rat had crawled in and it died.

I whispered to husband, "I'm going to hurl.
I can't go down on that foul smelling girl."
He agreed, he was choking, his color gray,
tonight with this couple, we could not play.

So coughing and gagging in the vaporous gas,
we both said we're sorry, we have to pass.
So on with their clothes and out of the door
we hoped to not see them not ever, no more.

But after they left, the stench lingered on,
it lingered and lingered almost til dawn.
We washed all the linens and re-made the bed,
we lighted incense and then hubby said,

"I'm sorry my precious, I hadn't a clue,
that the woman we met, was PePe La Pu,
From now on our ad will make it real clear,
they change panties daily, not once a year!

The moral of this, if you want a good lick
Wash well your cootchie or you wont get dick!

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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7/15/2006 2:09 pm

Hi tigra

"PePe La Pu"

"Wash well your cootchie or you wont get dick! "

lol, funny post ... skillfully assembled .....

guess wasnt so funny at the time tho. Keep up the good work, i'll keep an eye on your blog

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