Random thoughts 12-30  

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12/30/2005 12:57 pm

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Random thoughts 12-30

Jesus H Christ
I just logged on and there were 785 men and only 35 women on cam. tHat is just wrong.

Don't you fuckers ever work?

Ladies, if you are tired of random thoughts well..........get your ass over here and occupy my time . And hurry, my idle ways will soon be over and then its back to the grind Jan 3rd.

More later, gotta go ride while its good......DON"T HATE, but its a sunny 76 degrees here right now.

OK, It's later

Fortunately for me, I joined this service mostly for its voyearistic potential (I love to watch)......which turned out to be abundant so no complaints. However, it is advertised as a friend finding or matching site and, considering the numbers, either I am unmatchable or going about it totally wrong.

I find it very amusing, these women who think they are The Queen Mother with their endless disertation about how fine they are and have little time for this and that and they demand strict reqirements to entertain even the thought of answering an email, that they are "all that ". WTF, just tell me what u are about and maybe we can chat .........DAMN (maybe they should learn about weblogs)


And I would like to take a poll:

1.Are you (all of you)more likely to really look at a profile with brevity ..THE SHORT SWEET ONE.?

2.OR, the long and drug out, agonizing..TEETH PULLING ONE ....?

PLease vote (1) or (2)


Well right after i wrote the above, I added a frking paragraph to MY profile....go figure.WELLLLLLLLL I am not getting much response

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