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1/12/2006 8:37 am

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First of many to Follow

Found AdultFriendFinder for about the 100th time on the 2 Dec, 05. Decided to spend the spare that has been afforded me since the middle of November, on AdultFriendFinder. Yes, I know, why spend spare time getting all wrapped up in something like AdultFriendFinder, well I'll finish were I started with the " wolves are as thick as fly in the swamps of NOLA " then some time later bleed across some other pages about the details that brought me to find enjoyment and a little frustration in AdultFriendFinder.
The terms "wolves" are for all those darling 18 - 27 year old cyberchilds that are being born that attempt to draw a paycheck via the world of hyperspace. Have really enjoyed ( I thought ) sending emails, winks to people on the other side of a profile. Untold to me, I found by watching, after adding to my Hot list, these "wolves" were turning off their profiles just days after I had sent those emails or winks. So after about two weeks of not receiving any had come to the realization that this must be a real fake(AdultFriendFinder). See, stay with me now, I from the old school (maybe shelter life, all work no play) you send someone a letter they should send you something in return.. May was I so very wrong, need to get in the "real world". Meet her though,(via AdultFriendFinder) another blog maybe....? These wolves were only in it to get my email address.... Shame on me the first time, Shame on you the next time.... Have learned that if you see something that is unbelievable on a profile it probably is. So I tried a little bit of trickery, when they looked unbelievable, I would send them some type of email that confronted there identity, and how the are was since the storm (Katrina OR Rita), man then they really came a calling. So as I the bait, lured them into the swamps of NOLA, as alligator bait. Just a little Cajun humor, once I created an email account with similarities to AdultFriendFinder, they would send me spam mail. Attempting to allow access to their nude pics, phone #'s, etc. As earlier stated shame on me once, (I learn real quick, usually) that the game the "wolves" were playing is all about the all mighty $.... So help me out all those that have crossed this bridge before. Is there a season of "wolves" or is open range all day every day!

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1/12/2006 6:43 pm

Hey sugar just wishing you a happy start. Enjoy the blog. and tell us some really good stuff about you and ur experiences. You rants, and ravings.

Welcome to blogland babes... Oh and I am not 27

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

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