The 2nd coming  

rm_throbbin64 52M
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7/25/2006 7:13 pm
The 2nd coming

Fought back the urge to call each night
“Been real busy at work” I say
You had sat and waited by the phone
“Just caught up on things this week”
It’s a pleasant exchange
That could be cut with a knife
“Care to dance?”
“I thought you’d never ask”

Our clothes are strewn across the floor
We carry on the seduction dance
Cravings are swept away
Lost to shared desires
I taste your love, and your body quakes
Your caresses make me swoon
I lift you unto me with little effort
You are so soft in my rugged hands
You effortlessly glide over my thrusts
Matching each with your own
We are too far gone
Our moans intensify
Together we erupt in pleasure
And you collapse into my arms

Alone, you awake to the sound of the door
And you smile to see the clock read 6:00
I had stayed the night
And left a note behind
Promising we’d come again

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