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Stealing this post's idea from Fun's blog, in which great entertaining provides.

Right, here i am, thinking of what's in my frige, i suddenly notice, there is great amount of space left in my frige,

* 4 bottles Perrier's sparkling water standing in the door, i do need gas to fresh me up.
* 3 pack of loose tea and two carton of instant powder tea, delivered from england
* 1 carton of esspresso powder for morning wake-up
* one small bottle un-opened blueberry jam, and some cheese, two bottle of salad dressing, i can't recall when i bought it.
* one bottle of black vinegar and a bottle of extra virgin oliver oil, why the hell i put them in the fridge? Sh*t, don't remeber when the last time they were consumed.
* In the frozen part, i use it effectively to make ice cubes all the time.
* oops, there are three apples staring at me, humm...quite fresh and eatable.
* Can't forget to metion this part, in the bottom box, it is filled in my BEAUTY, it's my cosmetics storage,

Do i forget to mention anything else? No, no, that's all i have.

What does it say about me from the contents in my fridge?

*I am a so water consummer, gas, no gas, tea and coffee.
*I can make salad, sandwich and toast. Should i learn to cook as a friend suggested to go for a course for cooking? Nah, it isn't runing to my schedule yet. And, as the record, i did cook when i was abroad.
*I eat too much take-ways, too much pizzas and greasy chinese, ready-food and rely on dine-out to feed myself with friends a lot. Well, should i make a change to get my kitchen working? the energy!!!
*Well, it can be said that i am not qualified in the housewife's positon, but i do look after mysef pretty, why care others till now!!!

What's in ur fridge? Looking inside the fridge and think because what u have represent some of ur characters and personalities

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