Fun end november begin December in Dubai  

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11/2/2005 8:27 am

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Fun end november begin December in Dubai

I started thinking about why I am a member here and what is the attraction for me; I started off thinking about these questions and it led to me deciding that this would be good subject matter for a blog to introduce myself. I don’t know where the blogs will go after this one, or even if there will be follow ups, but here’s this one for now.

To an extent it is curiosity that has me here, we all look to push the envelope a bit and explore at times, that’s part of why I’m here and I expect I’m not alone in that. Other factors appealing might be the thrill of the chase and the excitement it brings, but wouldn’t face to face deliver that better….. why a website? Why not just do the round of the singles bars and look for something casual there?

I guess the answer for me is that in this forum we can be as public or private as we like and control things a bit more. In our (Irish) culture bars are for drinking in; we may all have been out, drank too much and settled for a consolation shag at the end of the night ‒ that really wasn’t worth the effort. Which may also be part of what we are rejecting by being here, not to mention that there may be a whole series of expectations to be dealt with of prospective partners in the bar situation. Here we can set our agendas and try things out, see what works and see what responses we get back. I am attached and I don’t see hanging around bars as a particularly attractive proposition for all sorts of reasons. But equally I am now realizing there are single people that have made their own choices, are happy being single and don’t want to be in that scene either. So there is also a realization on my part that there is some kind of likeminded community here that allows entry, and possibly allows us to do some experimenting and take a look around; I am aware that not all parties on the site may represent themselves accurately (in the extreme may be completely bogus) but they can figure out what they get out of that for themselves, I don’t expect those on the fringes will really be active or stop me from doing my thing.

I guess for me it comes down to a few keywords: Thrill of the chase
Exploring the unknown
No strings adult fun

Those are all things about “why here?” There is no getting away from the fact that I am here the physical stuff…SEX and all the psycho-babble in the world won’t get me off. I’m still here looking for hot sex and as I search through the members profiles I can see plenty of attractive female members that I think could help me find that hot sex.

I'm just in Dubai from Nov 28th to Dec 3rd '05. And a special hello to foxyfiona. I'll post a photo when I can, next day or two - don't have one with me at the mo.

XX Wanderly

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