Anticipation so real you can taste it  

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11/10/2005 5:11 am

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Anticipation so real you can taste it

As a standard member on AdultFriendFinder the notification that you have a message in your in-box from somebody interested in you can be the start of things.

That’s the way it went for BB and me (incidentally BB is not her name, and gives no clue to her handle ‒ I just need a shorthand pseudonym for her), she mailed me her number and invited me to text her. BB is a gold member that does not have a photo posted and there was not much information available to me about BB; but it was a real invite to make contact and see what might happen, I guess I wouldn’t be here if I was afraid of taking a chance.

I wasted no time in sending her a text to introduce myself. I waited for a reply, but I didn’t get an immediate response ‒ in fact it was the following day when I heard from her. BB apologised for the delay and told me she had been in the UK for a couple of days, wall to wall meetings and usual hotels.

We exchanged pleasantries and shared a few details, like what we were looking for and physically described ourselves to each other. BB told me she was 5’ 7”, had long hair, slim build and was as she put it “curvy on top”. I was convinced that if I saw this lady in real life I would fancy her, she sounded like an absolute babe. The playing field wasn’t quite level because I do have a picture attached to my profile, so I filled in a few of the blanks on eye colour, height etc.

The texting was going fine and we were getting a bit braver after the first 20 or so messages. At some point BB asked me what I had in mind for the two of us. I replied that I thought we could meet up in a neutral place, obviously I was playing it safe, so that if there was no chemistry or things were not right for either of us we would be able to get out of the situation without any fuss.

BB replied with a much bolder suggestion; probably framing it as a joke, but basically saying this is a sex thing why the hell do we want to go drink coffee? We should meet at a hotel and get it on.

I was completely blown away by the idea, it was such a rush to get that message on my phone attached to the mental picture I had of BB, from the hundred texts we had swapped by now I already knew she was good fun and that she was educated and classy. It seemed a very dangerous liaison, but one very easy to say yes to because I was beginning to trust and like BB. I replied that I would be ‘up for it’, I was really turned on by the idea that the first time we would see each other when the hotel room door opened.

BB asked me what would happen when the door opened? I told her I had no agenda or list of things that I wanted to work through, but that I would be looking forward to getting my hands on those upper curvy bits and munching any bits of white triangles (which I also had to explain = think bikini) not to mention giving her a really good fucking, not exclusively but probably finally doggy style. This got BB’s approval because she seemed to approve very strongly of doggy style (and why wouldn’t she?)

Later that evening we had our first real conversation, over the phone of course ‒ couldn’t take away the mystery at this stage. We chatted for half an hour and relived a couple of our more risky text messages and the plan for our big day on Saturday. BB was going to find a hotel and then text me on the details, on the day itself she would check-in and then text me the room number and be there waiting for me. From then on we were exchanging texts and counting down the days till Saturday.

BB asked me what was going to happen when the room door opened? I replied that I was going to grab hold of her and give her a big wet kiss, pinning her to the wall ‒ that way we could avoid any awkward silences and after that we could get to know each other (demonstrating that I am essentially a practical man I think). She approved of that as a basic outline for the door opening phase.

On Friday afternoon I got the text confirming our reservation in a hotel in the south of the city.

I couldn’t wait the anticipation was totally exciting and energising and I told BB that……..but of course I had to wait ‒ just one more day.

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