My First Older Woman  

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8/1/2005 5:19 pm

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My First Older Woman

The first time I met Becky I told her she was too old for me. She was 43, I was 24.

I knew she wanted me and would do ANYTHING to have me so I decided I would be rude and condescending to her in an effort to see how much she'd take.

We had met on the phone. She was a friend of my roommate and wanted to invite us out for drinks. He wasn't available and I took her up on the offer.

The shithole bar she invited me to definitely set the mood. I told her she had no taste and if this was the best she could do then she needed to go back to fucking redneck pig farmers. She acted hurt when I told her that, but I could see she wasn't.

She invited me to the dancefloor for a slow dancde and I obliged. As we danced she slid her hand over my package and asked me how much I had in the sexiest manner she could muster.

"More than your over-the-hill pussy can take, I promise you that Becky."

We danced for a song and had one more drink before I told her I had to go.

"Where are you going?"

Ilooked her in her dark brown eyes and said, "Back to your place to fuck you like you want," and I walked out of the bar.

I wasn't ten yards out of the bar when she caught up to me. She asked me to follow her and I declined. I told her we were taking one vehicle and if she wanted it she'd hop in my car and shut the fuck up.

I wasn't surprised when she hopped over the door of my convertible and hopped in. I reached over and give her a deep, passionate kiss and my guise of the rough, tough asshole faded away.

"I'm sorry Becky. I've never been with an older woman. I was just playing. Will you show me a good time?"

Becky laughed a little and her hand found my cock. She said, "Sweetheart, with a dick like that YOU are the one who's going to be showing ME a good time!"

The drive to her apartment was only three miles a way, but it seemed like an eternity. When we stumbled inside her door I immediately began kneading her massive breasts with one hand while rubbing her ass underneath her dress.

"Go down!" she commanded and I began to rip the pantyhose from her toned, tan legs while whe eased her panties down. I slowly pulled her panties over her feet and was staring into the most beautiful pussy I'd ever seen. Her scent was everywhere as I began to lick down her left leg.

"Not bad for a kid," she said. "Stop teasing me and eat this 40 year old pussy, boy!"

I felt her hands on the top of my head as she forced my face down on her wet flesh. She began to moan and quiver under the lapping of my tongue. It was intense.

I felt her hands find their way down to my cock. I hadn't even noticed she'd removed my clothes, ripping my t-shirt in the process.

I knew I had found a whore when shepulld me up and began kissing me, my mouth still wet with the taste of her pink pussy.

Soon I found her ass straddling my face while she sucked my cock and stroked my balls. never had I had a woman grip me the way this seasoned veteran did. Her slurping noises were incessant and I was worried I might come to soon!

I knew the foreplay was over and it was time to show the old woman exactly what I had. I grabed her by her jet black hair and through her down on the bed. She cupped her tits and told me, "Now when you fuck me I want you to shoot your load all over me."

I held her down on the bed while I rammed my meat inside her wet pussy. Her muscles began to stroke me, taking me inside the pussy. God she was great! I assumed the missionary position until my triceps couldn't take any more.

We were both sweating like crazy at this point. She grabbed me by the throat and told me to turn over. She had a treat for me.

I was on my back and she was on top of me, straddling my cock. I could feel her wet pussy tighten every time I pumped her full, but she hadn't had enough. I began to squeeze her tits, using them for leverage while she rode my wet pole up and down. She began to scream as she climaxed and suddenly her once-wet pussy was now soaking!

I rolled her over, grabbing her hair once again and began to fuck her doggy-style. I've always loved watching my cock penetrate inside a woman, but this was incredible, her sopping wet flesh was too much for me to take and I realized I was about to come.

I grunted and she knew what that meant and turned around in time for me to cover her face and throat with a white-hot stream of man juice. I'd never come so much before and watching her lick it up was mind-boggling.

I slept like a baby that night, inthe arms of my first older woman. She was my first, but she definitely wasn't my last!

tamethytension 54M
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8/1/2005 6:59 pm

hmmm ... nicely done ... brought back fond memories...

she was 39, I was 23 ... and it was just as delicious ...

and until last year I had never known a younger woman ...



hotdarter 47F
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8/1/2005 7:11 pm

Honey, if I had ever found a younger man like you I might have switched back to them.

pantyhoselvr8370 46M

8/5/2005 1:58 am

WOW, great story, have had three fifty year old ladies prior to age 25, was an awesome time everytime and each one wore pantyhose at my request. I love older ladies and pantyhose!!

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