Free Haircut, Free Fuck!  

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8/2/2005 9:21 pm

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Free Haircut, Free Fuck!

I'll never forget the first time Lady D cut my hair at North Point Mall in Georgia. It was an unexpected, dirty encounter that I will cherish forever in the memories of my favorite sexual fantasies fulfilled.

Late one Friday afternoon I stopped by the mall for a haircut. My hairstylist had moved away and I was looking shaggy, so I popped myhead into the mall salon.

Only one person was working, and I had to wait for Lady D to finish two customers before getting to me. Lady D was a tall dark blonde with curly hair and a burlesque figure hiding undernooth her salon apron.

Lady D asked me if I minded waiting for a moment while she turned off the Open sign and locked the door since I was her last customer and I said, "no, not at all."

I watched as she stretched to grab the string to the neon sign, ass bulging in tight pants from under the back of the apron.

After desribing how I wanted my haircut and why, we began the usualy small talk. She asked me about my date, and my dating status and I asked her about hers.

Her response was blunt yet unique in that she told me that she had just ended a relationship with a man and his wife and that she wasn't currently dating anyone.

We began to talk about what we liked in the bedroom and I told her that I had a lot of success being very blunt when telling women what I wanted. She said she admired that in a man as she gingerly brushed her breasts across my face while trimming my bangs.

I had no idea exactly how large her breasts were, but they were definitely DD if not more and I realized that I suddenly had a large erection underneath my gown.

I wondered to myself if I should be blunt, and before I realized it I had asked her if she'd like to fuck me in the salon.

"Well I have to shut everything down first, and close out the register. Do you mind waiting?"


"No, I sure don't."

She finished trimming my neck and proceeded to finish closing. I tried to pay her for the haircut and she turned the money away and whispered in my ear, "I don't accept money from men I'm about to fuck," and finished closing out her register.

Five minutes felt like an eternity in sexual excitation minutes, but finally she was finished. I walked to the back of the salon where they wash customers hair, reached over nad began to kiss her.

Things happened very quickly and within a few seconds I had removed her white blouse and had unhooked her bra. I wasn't ready for what popped out though!

Staring back at me were two of the largest breasts I had ever seen, one tattooed around the areola and the other peirced with a low-gauged barbell.

I began sucking like a newborn fondling the massive mammaries. I could tell she loved it, ut she wasnt wasting any time either as she ripped my blue jeans off, exposing the fact that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"You dirty devil!" she squealed as she began stroking my hot dong while I sucked her tits. I reached down and removed her pants and panties in one fell swoop and soon it was on!

Lady D laid back in the same seat she had washed my hair in, no more than thirty minutes before, and I began to wash her pink flesh with my tongue.

She was too excited and instead of much foreplay begged me to fuck her. I slowly rubbed the head of my cock against her swollen lips, teasing her for a few seconds before entering her wet wet pussy.

As I began to penetrate her she began to throw her legs high up in the air.

I couldn't believe I was fucking my hairstylist in the middle of the salon! Even if I told anyone, who in their right mind would ever believe me!

The sex didn't last as long I had imagined it would. She came rather quickly, all over my cock. She seemed somewhat ashamed since I hadn't come yet and bent over on the floor.

She pulled her ass apart and meekly said, "You... can... fuck... my... ass... if... you... want..."

By the end of "want" my rod was rubbing her asshole. My cock was still so wet from her pussy that it found it's way easily in her back door.

When I penetrated deep she grabbed the leg of the chair in front of her and began to really get into it. I was pounding her ass deeper and deeper with every thrust and she was taking it all like a pro!

And suddenly I knew I was about to come and there was no where I could go but on her back, or inside her. Sensing my quickened pace Lady D looked over her shoulder and said, "Come in my ass. I love it!"

And within seconds I had coated her sphincter, her butt, and all her asshole with my white hot come.

Like normal, I was covered in sweat, and she was covered in come. I was still telling myself it wasn't a dream.

We got dressed after a couple moments when I finally gave her my name. She had never asked and didn't give a damn either. I never made it on my date that evening. I went home dumbfounded at what I had just done inside the mall.

And every two to three weeks when my hair began to look shaggy, you can bet your sweet ass where I went for a haircut!

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