Car Sexcapades With A Hottie  

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7/31/2005 7:56 pm

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Car Sexcapades With A Hottie

We were headed to Florida on a vacation last winter. It had been a few weeks since I had last seen her. My job had taken me to another city and she could not move with me.

We kissed for a bit before hopping in the new Pontiac G6 I had rented. Soon we were traveling down the interstate when she reached over and whispered in my ear, "I'm so hot for you!"

My prick was immediately hard, and it didn't go beneath her notice. She was fondling my cock over my pants, trying to slide her hand into my shorts.

God it felt good, feeling her small little hands struggling against my cock. I couldn't believe it. I was thankful the car was an automatic because I suddenly reached over and began to feel her ass from under her skirt.

She had my pants down now, sucking my cock while we drove down the road. God, the sounds she made when she sucked my cock. it made me want to fuck her that much more!

I lost my cool for an instant and realized I had just ripped her brand new panties and her bare ass was now exposed to anyone passing us along the interstate.

She didn't care, she just rubbed my balls with one hand and feasted on my penis , holding herself steady with the other hand.

Slowly she looked up and said, "I want you to fuck me! Now!"

I was frantic! here we were in the middle of nowhere and she wanted it. I winked as she sat back down in the seat and removed her skirt.

I began rubbing her pussy while I searched for an exit from the interstate. She began to writhe and moan while my fingers penetrated her, sliding in deeper with every stroke. She was on fire and need more!

Luckily we found an exit and took a left down what appeared to be an Industrial Exit. I pulled over in the dead end and removed my pants.

She laid in the seat arching her back as my cock found her writhing, wet pussy. As each inch slid inside she moaned harder.

I grabbed her hair and began to pound her. She began to lick my neck with her soft wet lips and I realized she can soaked through the seat. She was oozing wetness all over my cock, orgasming repeatedly and all I could do was hold on and treat use my rod as the jackhammer.

Suddenly I looked up and saw blue lights! We were busted!

"Get up!" I growled but she grabbed my ears and said, "Not yet!"

The cop was approximately a quarter of a mile away and I knew I had little time so I kicked the intensity level to new heights.

We were both covered in sweat with the cop car now parked behind us when she let out the loudest moan of her life and I felt a new intensity of her juices flow all over my cock.

We had no time to get dressed before the cop knocked on the window. I rolled the window down and explained to him that we were naked and I aksed for a minute.

Surprisingly the officer obliged, waiting for me to put my pants back on before giving me a sobriety test.

Upon realizng I was sober, his mood changed and he smiled. He told me that the area wasn't safe for our "sexual shenanigans" and I should get my ass back on the interstate.

I thanked the cop and headed back to the car, which reaked of our dirty sex.

She was so embarassed... but that didn't stop me from pulling back over two exits later to fuck her again!

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