First Contact, First Meeting  

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3/23/2006 7:29 am
First Contact, First Meeting

Well I wanted to share with you all my experience with AdultFriendFinder.
I had received an E-mail from LucyLu (not her real name)... she dropped me a line so I took a minute to check her profile. I was able to see it since she was a Gold member. I responded with a long E-mail just ramblings mostly trying to break the Ice.
She found me on a chat group and we chatted a few times. In about a week we decided to make a date one evening to meet. She had asked for a picture of me to see what I looked like and I responded. Then something happened and she wrote back the next day that she had to break our date. (work issues I think it was) Well I figured she didn't want to meet me since the whole picture thing... (it wasn't the best but the only digital picture I had of myself, I seem to spend most of the time behind the camera and take lots of pictures, just not of myself. I need to do something about that, anyway) I figured it was a no go...
I would try and initiate chat with her and she wouldn't respond then last week she responded and it was brief, again something about work.... (I'm beginning to hate this thing called work) Then again this week we stated chatting and I asked her out again,,, you know the whole meet for drinks, you pick the place and time thing. She agreed, FOR THAT NIGHT! WOW! We were on.
I was excited, (OK, you know what I mean. You have these fantasies and hopes how things will go. You dream she walks in and the whole place turns to look at her as she moves through the door and everything gets quiet. She glides over to you and smiles as she leans in to give you a kiss. Everyone in the whole place sighs, then goes back to their conversations, I digress).
Well the day took forever to go by. Will she call and cancel again? Will she just not show up?
Well the time finally came and there I was sitting at a mostly empty bar on a Tuesday Night.

Let me describe this place. It was a typical Midwest sports bar. six guys and one gal sitting at the bar. One bartender. 12 TV's tuned to various sports and bike builder shows. One round table full of younger guys and one girl. A few dart boards, A few empty tables, the usual other things.

I sat down at the bar and ordered one of the 5 beers on tap. The guy next to me says... well we have two ladies to look at and nothing really on TV. He was right there were only two ladies in the entire bar. But then again there wasn't over a dozen people there anyway.
We made some small talk that seemed to last forever... You see, I was waiting for someone and really could care less what this guy had to say.
I made pleasant conversation and we chatted with the bartender. I sipped my beer until it was gone and ordered another. (didn't want to drink to much since I had to drive) I think I was a bit early getting here but the bar clock said she was late. A few people came in and a few left. I was getting a neck ache turning to look at the door every time it made a noise going shut. (Obviously this bar was DEAD, since you could hear the door shut every time someone entered or departed)
Well finally I turned to the door again, as it announced someone had arrived, and spotted an unescorted lady about the right height walking toward me. It had to be Lucy. (Wow, nice looking, the pictures don't do her justice.) (NO, I wasn't drunk or have the beer goggles on.)
She sat down and we had a long conversation about how her day went and what happened at work. She was spunky and full of energy. We began asking questions of each other and had a few more drinks... She shared pictures of her kids and dogs. I talked about my contract business. It was mostly just small talk. I asked her what she was looking for and she asked me why I was looking since I was married. There was only a couple times that the conversation had to switch to the weather or what was on TV.

Then suddenly the place was even emptier and the bartender was just staring at us.

OK, the time had come to make a move... what do you do? She has to get up in the morning to go to work. It is now late. You want her but don't want to blow it. She has been making subtle suggestion about what she likes sexually and been trying to flash you her hooters (which are very nice by-the-way)
Have you been given the green light? Not sure....
So you decide to wait and let her make the first move... you walk out to your cars parked next to each other. (I said the place was dead)
She says to you, "Well I'm going to get in my car and head South to my apartment...."
Then you say, "Well I guess I'm going to start the hour drive home,,," (shut up, I know I'm an idiot) and added, "I'll drop you an Email tomorrow."
As she gets in her car she says, "OK, don't forget to send me an Email."
We drive our separate ways.
It was a great evening and all of this because I started looking for ladies on this site! It took about a month to make first contact.
NOW, Here I am waiting for Lucy to answer my Email. I am hopeful she wants to continue to get to know me. Soon... very soon we are going to be????????????????????????????????

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