Chanite Kansas  

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4/12/2006 1:32 pm

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Chanite Kansas

I have been amazed at the places I have been where the women are out right bold and adventurous.
Chanute Kansas is kick a$$.
I had to be in town on business (short notice so I didn't try and send anyone on here a notice like, gonna be in town lets have a drink, or anything like that... women think you are popping in for a quickie!!!) anyway, I stopped in at the local tavern... the Rendezvous or something like that.... to have few drinks and shoot some pool.... the place was fairly busy for a Wednesday night. I think it was because it was 75c draw night. There were a few ladies sipping on drinks at the bar and several others playing pool. We settled in at the bar near the pool table up front and close to the front door. One of the older gents I was with was concerned that since we were from out of town and looked it we might have some trouble. And any of you that have ever been to a small town and stopped in at the local drinking spot know what he means. Well we started downing beer and bragging about all the work we got done that day when two ladies... Sisters in fact asked us to play pool. Hot dog these gals were hot. Both over 5'8" tall and one had a set of cans that made the young dude I was with fall in love... well we started a game of eight ball. The youngster was really getting to know the younger sister, squeaking on her and talking strategy. She was really beginning to come on to him when big cans decided she was tired of pool and went and dug up goof ball. He was supposed to be a ringer brought in to teach us city boys a lesson. I think he had had to many 6 bitters to shoot. Well junior was still trying to make time with the youngest and we were still trying to figure out who this new guy was and why was he trying to shoot pool. While we were pondering the situation a nice 40ish single attractive lady came up to the old dude and started a conversation. Things were beginning to move right along. He is old dude and the attractive lady and youngster with the youngster and I was entertaining myself watching the action when I was dragged into this marathon pool game. OK so I am now shooting pool with this drunk punk that can't stand up and they are both working on getting the details pinned down.
Well I shot a few times and did my best to prolong the game of pool. I finally had it down to the eight and one last ball. I figured I had dragged this horse about as far as I could so I missed and left drunksy doodle to the last shot... he chalks his still, start laughing about how simple this is going to be and screech, smack,,,, he miss cues.. reaches up grabs the rolling cue ball and yells, "that didn't count,,, I'll shoot again".
Look out here comes the part where three city boys get the crap knocked out of them...
But wait... is that laughter I here... yes it is... the rest of the folks that were half watching start laughing. At drunksy doodle... they are actually giving him crap for missing the cue on a straight in shot and then grabbing the ball. This is amazing...
He throws his stick on the table and storms to the back of the bar.
I think it is now time to gather the babes and work dudes and get the heck out.
We escape with all body parts and head for the hotel...
The youngster has decided that he didn't want young-in... come to find out she had a 18 year old, 15 year old, a 8 year old and a 4 something or other at home. She said she was 30 and looked it.... I think she scared him off.... and he was so happy with her just an hour ago.
The old guy and gone to the back to offer short and sassy a ride home and was pushed away by a youngster that said he was taking care of her.
Well all in all it is still very promising.... looks like I will be heading back to Chanute this Thursday. Wonder if we should try out our luck at the Rendezvous...... maybe not... bu tthen again there was the sister with the nice cans....

shadeofpink 42F

5/8/2006 2:58 am

Forget those bars and go to Pittsburg silly! go to 505, 5th st, mooremans ANYTHING but chanute...I'm so glad i escaped from there!
too bad i'm pale as a ghost! lol but that's ok...I've got a guy from athens greece coming to visit me soon!

the only thing worth going to chanute for is the 2nd oldest american Mexican fiesta! I hooked up with a german exchange student there one year in high school...

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