tanning bed fun  

rm_theminiG 37F
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5/1/2005 11:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

tanning bed fun

hello all.

so i just got home from going tanning. i've got the almost summer blahs, so i went and got a little colour.

once inside the room, i striped down. i debated leaving my pink thong on, but i decided to go completely nude. the bed felt a little cold, so my nipples went hard. as i was lying there i started fantasizing about the hot chick that was working the counter at the tanning salon. today she was wearing this hot black low cut tank top, and some tight stylish jeans. i was imagining her secretely coming into my room and watching me in the tanning bed. she would slip her hands inside the bed and start playing with my tits and pussy. the more i thought about her, the harder my nipples got. i could tell my pussy was getting wet. i reached down and started fingering my cunt. it felt sooo goood. as i was about to cum, my bed swtiched off and i had to get out, and get dressed. my heart was beating so fast, like i had been doing something wrong! when i walked out of the salon, the hot chick winked at me - could she read my mind?? i cannot wait until next time i go tanning!!

so now here i sit, thinking about the whole thing again and getting excited.

till next time...

cochise226922 46M

5/1/2005 12:36 pm

MMMMM. Please tell us what you did to relieve this tension! I had a girlfriend who would go tanning a lot and would masturbate while tanning 2 out of every 3 times she went. I used to love to hear her tell me about it after. I'm willing to bet a large number of women who do tan have done this very same thing as well. Tell us more! Ladies add your stories and prove me right.

finebyme2000 54M

5/1/2005 1:16 pm

A girlfriend told me of the uncomfortable feeling she got while being bikini waxed.She had the insight that the clinician was only there to feed her sapphic tendencies,cause she took way too much pleasure in getting in close with the tweazers and fossicking about for ingrown hair,almost nose to pussy the whole time.
Feed your tan fantasy.Believe the hot black low cut tank top chick was only there for you...

chowbox2004 43M
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5/2/2005 10:36 am

I've fantasized in the tanning bed too! I think that its the warmth of the lights on my cock. Imagining the receptionist watching my erection grow under the glow of the lights. Then she slips in and reaches for my aching cock. I dont know what it is, theres just something sexy about it!

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