g r e a t weekend  

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4/24/2005 6:06 pm

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g r e a t weekend

so i had a great surprise on saturday morning. my bf was home for 48 hours. i didn't even hear him come into our place, so i was awoken to him kissing my softly on the lips. what a way to wake up! of course i coudln't wait to get him naked...i needed his body..and of course, being away for work, surounded by men, he needed me as well.

he started kissing me, and his hands wandered to my tits. my nipples were soo hard. he started sucking on those too, and before i knew it he was tugging on my clit with his lips. he was liVcking my lips and massaging my ass. i was in HEAVEN! i came and filled his mouth with my juices.

i reached down and made sure he was hard, and climbed ontop to give him a wicked pony ride!!! by the time he filled my pussy with his cum i was screaming his name. we ended up fucking three times yesterday morning, and another 2 times today..my pussy is getting a little sore!

till next time....

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