What i like and Dislike!!!  

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8/7/2006 1:09 pm

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What i like and Dislike!!!

My Likes....
1. Women whom are loyal.
2. Women whom are honest.
3. Women whom are passionate.
4. Women who have homour.
5. Women who love to travel.
6. Women who love to cuddle.
7. Women who are romantic.
8. Women who like to have fun.
9. Women who like to try new thing's.
10. Women who are sexual.
11. Women who are sensual.
12. I like to do some yoga.
13. Music i mainly love is classical.
14. I love to dine out at time's.
15. I love themepark's.
16. I like food's as pasta's, salad's, some meat's, maybe some seafood, popcorn.
17. I like card game's.
18. I like board game's.
19. I like pc game's.
20. I some time's like to messenger chat.
21. I like to mini golf.
22. I like to swim.
23. I like to watch TV here and there.
24. I love movie's.
25. I like to watch the only sport i do like which is hockey.
26. I like to try to keep fit by working out.
27. I like some reality Tv show's but not all.
28. I love animal's.

Ok my Dislike's.....
1. Women that think a penis that is like over 10inches hard is the only thing in life, and that's what they see is real, or their blinded by it and because of that that is what they go for after having it and discarding the rest.
2. I hate rude people.
3. I hate snob's.
4. I hate people that lie.
5. I hate people that are not loyal.
6. I hate bossy people.
7. I don't like music, i just don't get how a poem can be a song?
8. I don't like waiting in long line's lol.
9. I don't like people that still hold around drama about the past.
10. I hate cold weather.
11. I don't like really really hot weather either.
12. I'm not found of junk food as i used to be.
13. I don't like people that don't clean themself's.
14. I hate it when someone tell's me one thing, and someone else say's the same thing to me...lol
15. People that have to win at everything all the time.
16. When you give a gift to someone and they don't say anything.

Well that's all i can think of about some of me...

2daycowboywanted 45F

8/7/2006 1:36 pm

And good grief - I hope you are feeling better!

Until later

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