Wine or Champagne  

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5/6/2005 12:38 pm

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Wine or Champagne

Ok I have been discussing with some of my friends, which is better for pouring on your lover?

This topic resonates from a discussion my brother and I have been arguing about for years.
He says that only good Champagne will do. I.E.: Kristal or Dom Perignon he says that the sweet flavor of the champagne enhances his ladies' flavor.

I say that it depends on the woman's natural flavor. Both her vaginal flavor and the incredibly wonderful flavor of her entire body!

Each woman is different.

For instance; a woman whose body tastes a little salty I prefer a nice Bordeaux or Cabernet.

If she is sweet maybe nice champagne or even Fruity Madeira will do.

However if she were somewhere in between, then perhaps a Merlot or Chianti would fill the need.

Now of course it partly depends on what type you have available at the time and of course if you have any left after dinner.
I myself always keep a healthy selection of all of the above in the wine closet.

Not that I'm a snob or anything nor do I enjoy sitting around discussing wine but I do enjoy drinking it.
Hell I'm just a country boy that grew up drinking beer and moonshine, yet somehow managed to get at least a little civilized.

Help me out here!
How many of you have experimented with this and how do you feel about it?

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