Military Base Closures......8-(  

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5/13/2005 6:25 pm

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Military Base Closures......8-(

Events set in motion today with the BRAC Commission (Base Realignment And Closure)
that could forever change the way I view Friday the 13th from now on!

For those of you that know about the Military base closures, you should know that today was the day that the list was announced. There were several closures and many more realignments. Some bases on the list are scheduled to be closed completely and others to remain open but units on that base will be closed down or moved. The list must go before Congress and the President for final approval. The list will be finalized by Nov 6, 2005.

Today I found out that the base I work on was not going to close. If you have not figured it out yet I work at Beale.
Yes, good news, but along with that a blow that will undoubtedly change my life. They announced that the unit I work for would be disbanded. Just thrown by the wayside like yesterdays newspaper! This means that the 179 people that I work with will also be without a job. Now I know that it is not supposed to happen until 2009.
But how is this supposed to help me sleep better at night? Knowing that I am going to have to find a new job and a new place to live.

I just bought my first house last July and now they are telling me that my job and my future are now being dissolved. I know that the Base closures affect more than just me. I don’t want to sound like a whiny bitch because I know that there are thousands of people going to loose their jobs in the next few years due to these closures.
But this sucks!!

How do we as parents explain to our teenage children that they may have to pick up and leave everything they know? How do we tell them that we may have to move? How do I explain to my teenage girls that I cannot afford to send them to college on my single income, which is now in jeopardy? With the assistance from the Veteran’s Dept. I can send them to any California state college or University. However I have to continue to live in California, which may or may not be possible. What is it about the military and the government jobs that support it? What makes the Gov't think that this will solve their problems?

These are a few things that I am sure will keep me up into the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out.

For all of you that are affected by these closures and realignments my heart and my prayers are with you!


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