The visit  

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1/30/2006 12:08 am

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The visit

recently I went home to visit my family they live in a small town up north. I spent the first day or 2 with just family, celibrating whats left of the hollidays. on the 3rd night we all decided to go out .I some members of my family and a few of my sisters friends. while at the bar the mood was light we drank and danced. part way through the night I got up to dance , alot of us where on the dance floor.While I'm out there enjoying the night I look up and see janis, one of my sisters friends, looking at me. she looks directly into my eyes and starts to chew on her bottom lip. At first I thought I was just seeing things and smiled and kept on dancing. then I looked at her again and again she gave me the same hungry look. Nothing was said and we sat back down. through out the night we danced niether of us acting. At the end of the night we walked my sister home, where I was staying. by this time we where all sobber and janis mentioned that she wanted to go get her car fro m the bar parking lot. so i volenteered to walk her home. on the way back there was a bit of chat but nothing that would sugjest that anything would happen. as we got back to her car we sat talking a little waiting for the car to warm up. as we where talking I had mentioned that one of the girls had a crush on my brother .
janis off hand mentioned " so now your sister has two people to fend off"

"Two people?" I said

"ya"said janis" she said she would be angry if I touched you"
really? I said

there was a bit of a unconfortable silence. she was trying to avoid looking at me. I leaned over and she smiled.
"well this would really piss her off?" I said as I kissed her deaply.
she moaned a little and I felt her body relax and her arms tense around my neck. I moved over in the seat as we sat out side the deserted bar.I was caresed her face and moved down to massage her neck.pulling her wanting mouth closer kissing her firmly. I felt her hand move down onto my chest. I could feal my self getting hard as her hand moved farther down to my stomach and to my belt.
I reach down her neck and I cluched her breast as she grabbed my cock through my jeans.
Just then she pulled away "Wait a minute" she said.

she pushed me back and shifted the car into drive. she started driving quickly down the street ,It's a good thing there was no one on the road. I was massaging her inner thigh while she was driving it seemed like she couldn't concentrate.
finnaly she pulled over into a base ball field parking lot and slammed on the breaks. it seemed like as son as the car stopped her seat was pushed all the way back and I ws on top of her. her chest heaved heavily as my mouth fumbled for hers and her hand fumbled with my belt. I kissed her hard as we pushed up against each other. as I undid her pants between us her hand came down and grabbed my hard cock in her hands this time there was nothing between us. her pants and pantie where only half off before I started to thrust inside of her. I leaned back down and gave a gasp. it felt so good . she nearly shouted "Fuck me " into my ear .I started to fuck her hard the car began to rock back and forth. she clutched hard onto my back her feet pushing on the windsheild. I could feal her hands pulling on the hair on the back of my head as she squeezed around me. she moaned loudly I felt her shivver. the way she began to squirm and grind pushed me over the limit . Everything was a blur I couldn't see I could feal my balls tense up. I came hard inside her. pulling her close to me I heard her giggle a little. as I colapsed back into my seat she whispered into my ear "you shoudl visit more often".

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8/9/2006 1:06 am

holy schmoley..!! u had me hotter than an oven with that !! i will definitely have to go and rub now..

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8/9/2006 1:53 am

maybe I should write this stuff down more

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