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You know the older you get, or so it seems, the harder it is meeting girls my age. I'm 20 years old and this is my first blog. Allow me to tell you of whom I am.
I'm six two, one hundred and forty two pounds. I work out every day. I'm an active person, I play pool at least two times a week. I enjoy spending time with friends and being around people. I like the out doors, I like being in them. My passion is photography, even though I'm not that good. I enjoy all kinds of movies. I'm not a big reader all though I do like a good poem every now and again. Lately I have been writing again something I havn't been able to do in two years.
Hear im going to post for you all to see the first poem that I have writen in over two years. Please feel free to leave your commemts about it.

As long as I stay true to one but me.
I think not I go wrong
But wrong I went, when the time came
And my kiss diniegheth your lips.
I stayed true to one but me
And lost I did, the best time with thee
I lost a hand to hold
arms to be held by.
and eyes to get lost in.
I lost all the truness that I once stoodbeside.
For i stayed true to no one but me
And for this I lost the best time with thee.

Next time I have with thee I will no more stay true to me
My kiss will embrce your lips
for I no longer stay true to me
I will take the best time time with thee
I will have a Hand to hold
Arms to beheld by.
and eyes to get lost in.
I will have all the truness I sandbesid
For I no longer stay true to me.
and for this I have the best time with thee

Now, I'm not exactly how much sens this makes. But let me clear it up for you. I met this girl and we spent a couple of days to gether and I thought everything was going fine so while she was sick, I surprised at her house and made her breakfast and brought some medicine and other thing to help her fill better. We spend the entire day talking and holding one onother. when we where saying good by as I was leaving she leans forward a little bit as though she wanted me to kiss her. Well I didn't return with the kiss. so the next day I call her one time to say hi and to seee if she wanted to get to gether, she never called me back, no ensted she texts me on Thanks giving and tells me she just won't to be friends, (which was one day later). which I guess was all my fault if I would have kissed her things might of been different. I don't know.

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