being young  

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12/6/2005 9:44 pm

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being young

I know I'm young, and well inexperienced in a lot of ways. Is that wrong? I have this bielfe, Life is short and a person should spend as much time with those the come in contaced with especually of the oppisote sex. In high school I had my self convinced that I didn't have time for girl freinds becouse I always seemed to have so much home work and I suppose that I was quite focused. IM actually just a shy guy. Usually after meeting some one and not takeing advatage of the situation and can come up with thousands of things I should have said but didn't, but in the moment I couldn't think of anything. Am I stuppid or what? All I really want right now is someone to get to know and see what happens. I don't like making plans or saying that I'm going to say something, becouse I get sidtracked really easy.

Hears another poem from yours rully, I hoope that it doesn't suck as bad as yesterdays.

As i do what is good,
I think of nothing more
I focus, I do
Thinking, I can't afford
Being what I am is all I know anymore
Trying to be that which I'm not
I do no more.

I wrote this a cople of weeks ago when I first met this girl who yesterdays poem was about. When I was around her, I din't feel as though I needed to prove anything to her, that in someway I had proven everything that I needed to. I felt as though I was actually being my self for the first time. For prior to her I had thought that I was out to prove something to everyone. But now I understand that you first must empress your elf and by doing that everyone else will see and also be empressed. thats basically what I've begun to understand. Now only if I could get over my shyness, I would be untouchable.

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